Manly Weepers with Daughters-Lend me your films!

Our daughter is 15 months old so it’s the first christmas she isn’t a sleeping blob. Needless to say, we are very excited. That being said, my husband is completely and totally, out of control, in love with his daughter. She has him wrapped so tight around her little finger it isn’t even funny. (YAY!)

I’ve contributed to and read the “Movies that make men cry” thread.

I want to break out the Big Guns.

I want a sure-fire, tear-jerkin’, turn him into a pile of mush about his daughter movie. Any really, really effective Father/Daughter movies? (Don’t say Father of the Bride, he can’t picture her potty trained yet)

Christmas is coming guys. Help a Mother out!

Disney’s Mulan works for me. I have 6 daughters. Maybe it’s because 4 of them are adopted from China, but it’s sure-fire for me.

I await further recommendations with great anticipation.

There is a pretty good father-daughter scene in A League of Their Own, but that’s really better for a father-daughter viewing when the girl is entering adolescence.

Of course, King Lear is a father-daughter story guaranteed to bring a man to tears, but somehow I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

Upon reviewing the topic with my daughter, I think your best bet may be any of a zillion TV shows that dealt with a widowed father/surrogate struggling to raise one or more daughters. Bachelor Father? Family Affair? A few episodes of All in the Family focused on the relationship between Archie and Gloria. The one where Gloria had a miscarriage will bring tears to a stone. Even That Girl had good father-daughter rapport.

I don’t know if it’s a tear-jerker on a father-daughter level, but The Man In The Moon with Sam Waterston as the father and Reese Witherspoon as the daughter is pretty sweet, and a tear-jerker on other levels.

Between exhaustion and all the highly pitched emotions that went along with being a new dad it didn’t take much to turn me into a sorry blubbering wreck. Return of the King? Babe? Puddles. The Joy Luck Club always got me, even though it’s mother-daughter. I’m sure I’ll think of some others.

A Little Princess might be worth a look. I’ll probably come up with something else as soon as I post this.

True Lies.

Seriously. When Arnold shows up in a Harrier jump-jet to rescue his daughter who’s being chased by terrorists across a giant crane, and she looks at him and says “… daddy?”, well, I’m tearing up already and I don’t even have a daughter.

John Woo’s The Killer should make him weepy, though note that it’s a bloody action film.

I have some other film on the tip of my brain, so we’ll see if it comes through later.

Blow (the Johnny Depp movie, not the 10,000 pornos that share this title).

The father-daughter scene at the end of that movie left me bawling like a baby. And I don’t even have a daughter.

Jersey Girl Your husband is at the time of his life where he’d actually appreciate the film.

What kind of movies can a 15 month old watch? Teletubbies was fun when my kids were that age.

Three Men and a Baby is more of a comedy, but there are still some touching father/infant daughter scenes in there.

I Am Sam.
The story of a mentally challanged man (Sean Penn) who would do absolutely anything just to be with his 7 year-old daughter.

It will turn your husband to mush.

In America. Irish parents who move from Canada rto NYC with two wonderful little girls.

I meant to mention, **In America ** was written by Jim Sheridan and his daughters. I’ve just been thinking about how much I liked it. :slight_smile:

Seconded. The 1995 version is a wonder of magical realism. Although the father’s influence is felt more in his absence,

this makes their eventual climatic reunion so much more heartfelt.

Guaranteed to get the waterworks flowing.

What was the musical where the father character sings something allong the lines of “you can have fun with a son, but you have to be a father to a daughter”)

Carousel, I think.

Nobody’s mentioned To Kill a Mockingbird yet? Atticus has a wonderful relationship with Scout.

Also, I’d check out Paper Moon, for while the relationship isn’t technically father-daughter (except in the real life sense of Ryan & Tatum O’Neal), they certainly serve as surrogates for each other. A little gem.

Thanks folks, some good suggestions.

And yes, the idea is to reduce the father to mush, not the baby. :slight_smile:

Shh…don’t tell him, I got her two shirts, one that says “Daddy said it was ok” and the other that says “I get my good looks from my Daddy!” Which, indeed, she’s his little doppleganger

There’s a Nicolas Cage movie called “The Family Man,” it’s good for the father-daughter stuff. It’s not really a thrilling movie in any other respect, but the parts with the little daughter were so sweet that I had to call my own daddy after watching the movie.

Evelyn, in which a hard-drinking, working-class single father in 1950’s [?] Ireland (Pierce Brosnan) fights to regain custody of his children (one little girl and her two younger brothers, but the girl’s the featured kid) from the Catholic-run orphanage system, to which they’d been remanded after their mother abandoned the family on the day after Christmas.

Also heart-wrenching, and I’m not kidding about this, is the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Yep, the zombie-action flick. There’s this emotionally affecting scene in which a bitten family man succumbs to his wound, but he gets to say goodbye to his 18-ish daughter (the only other survivor of their family) first. It’s a real tear-jerker of a scene, with him telling her that she’s all he could ever want in a daughter, etc., and even the music is lovely. Then he sends her away, dies, and in an offscene bit re-animates with a subhuman scream and immediately has his head shot off, courtesy of Ving Rhames’ shotgun. :smiley:

This movie tore me to shreds. Excellent choice! I’m a chick, but the father-daughter bond is incredible. This is the movie that made Dakota Fanning tops in my book.