Movies guys are allowed to cry at

I will admit I am not the manliest man out there, but I don’t need tissues for Hallmark commercials. However, there are some movies that make me tear up where other guys wouldn’t. While some might cost me a “Man Card,” some of them I think are a free pass. Off the top of my head:

Old Yeller - If you’ve ever had a dog this is a no brainer.
Lion King - Maybe it’s because I was younger when I saw it, but Simba trying to “wake up” Mufasa: “Dad come on, you gotta get up!”
Schindler’s List - Shouldn’t need to explain
Saving Private Ryan - Ditto
The Notebook - First admit that you saw it, then admit you at least got a lump in your throat.
Movies where it might just be me:
Up - The beginning, at least
Titanic - Couldn’t care less about Leo and Kate, but that one old couple in bed as it sinks. . . :frowning:
Moulin Rouge - I don’t know why, it just makes me tear up.
So what other movies do guys get a pass on, and which ones make other guys cry?

Hand over your man card please.

Brian’s Song.

Field of Dreams is a classic male tear-jerker.

I cried a little at the end of the 3:10 to Yuma remake.

A common thread between these two is the father-son dynamic, which seems culturally acceptible for a guy to get choked up over.

The Notebook and Moulin Rouge? No free passes there!

*Hotaru no Haka *(Grave of the Fireflies).

I am speaking from a female perspective here, but…seriously. If this film doesn’t make you cry then you are either Vulcan or dead.

The Spitfire Grill had me running for the door at the end because some popcorn salt got in my eye.

Not getting teary at the end of “The Iron Giant” doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a monster.

The Cowboys

I think the generic answer is sports movies and war movies, and so far this thread bears that out. Sorry, OP, but if there’s ever going to be an answer to this question, it’s not going to include Moulin Rouge and Titanic. Those are chick flicks. Titanic in particular became a hit because early-teen girls got obsessed with it.

And movies about the Old Man, maybe. I know a goodly number of guys who were really moved by Big Fish. I was, and so was my dad.

and add Brokeback Mountain to the list…

I’ve seen all those movies but The Notebook, and cried at exactly zero of them (to be fair, I might have cried at Titanic, but only because it was so monumentally shitty or because I was laughing so hard at the horrible dialogue).

Movies that have made me tear up:

Bicycle Thieves
Make Way for Tomorrow

The last couple of minutes of Toy Story 3. Hell, I’m sure Pixar’s computers wept while rendering it.

And your balls too.

Speaking as a bloke, I completely agree with you, this was the film I was going to mention.

LOTR: Return of the King (“You bow to no one.”)


For sure.


Other films where I have been guilty of tearing up:

Life is Beautiful - everyone gets a pass for this one
Braveheart - I’m Scottish
Whale Music - long story
Snoopy Come Home - since a was a kid, and still do.

I can make it all the way through A River Runs Through It, but the last scene and the last couple of lines of narration get me every time.

I also have to admit that the scene in Forrest Gump when he is talking to Jenny’s grave really got to me.

I agree, but get this, I’ve found a more depressing movie.
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Warning: The movie isn’t just sad, it is earthquake rattling devastating. It is a documentary. Everyone and everything in it is real and what happens is so tragic…there are no words in the human language to describe my feelings after seeing it.