Many years ago....

… there was a young girl, maybe 3 or 4 years old, who had gone grocery shopping with her daddy. The shopping done, the daddy was loading the groceries from the shopping cart into the car while the little girl sat quietly in the seat thingy of the cart. A sudden gust of wind caused the cart to start slowly rolling away and the little girl exclaimed, “Daddy! I’m going somewhere!”

That little girl is not so little any more, but she is still “going somewhere”. It will be interesting to see where that somewhere ends up being.

That’s really sweet! How old is the little traveler now?

… is she going to New York to find her human parents?

She is now 19, a junior in college and planning ahead for graduate school. She has a bright future ahead of her, but is thoroughly enjoying where she is in the here and now. Yet somehow, windy days in the grocery store parking lot can still bring a sentimental tear to an old daddy’s eye.

Nice one.

My baby girl is now 24. When she was 4 we were parked at the house after just arriving. It was a breezy summer day. She was still asleep. I picked her up gently and held her as the cool breeze bathed us. When my wife came out and wondered why I was still outside, I told her I’d remember that moment forever.

20 years ago.

Pretty much what my nephew said when he was playing in his parent’s car at the beach and pulled it out of park so it rolled down the hill into another car.

I did that when I was about three. Car rolled into a jewelry shop. Fortunately the windows didn’t start at ground level.

That was so sweet, OP. Daddys and little girls are something very, very special.

74westy beat me to the punch about our little rascal rollling down the street, standing on the seat with hands on the steering wheel and Mom on foot in hot pursuit.

I got there just in time. “Mommy! I drove!”

I had a three year old boy running around the house. I said “You look just like a Super hero! Like Spider Man!” and he laughed his little boy laugh and said “Yeah! Spibber Maam!”

He’s only 10…but he still has the laugh.

Meanwhile . . . One of my cats turned 12 Saturday. Pooped outside the box again. A moment I’ll always treasure.