March ChiDope check in

Valerie Blaise is the best. All who attended check in here.

As I write this, i am still impaired, so forgive any typos and mispellings and such.

Pics are at
Be sure to check out Inertias tattoo.

Checking in. Had a great time, as alwasys. Thanks to Valerieblaise for hosting.

::raises hand::


Thanks to Valerie for hosting, Nym and Thinks for giving me a ride (and putting up with my dorkiness), and Omni and Joph for letting me lick them.


Aack! What did you people do to poor Jophiel? :wink:

And that man cowering in a pile of pink Silly String! The horror!

Looks like a good time was had by all.

Captions! I need captions! :slight_smile:

In other words…who the hell are all of you? :smiley:

I’m working on that, really I am. I took a lot of pictures that night, I was drunk for most of them, and I have a bad enough memory for names even when I’m sober.

When did tiggeril lick Joph and Omni, anyway? I seem to have missed that…

Oh, and Nymysys, you still owe me a breakfast…

I licked 'em right before we left. :slight_smile:

Kat, checking in.

We didn’t do anything to Joph, honest! It was aliens!

There’s nothing to be said really. Omni rented Gone With the Wind and we started watching that around 8:30. Because it’s such a long movie and we were all pretty tired when it was bed time, we forewent watching the ending and we all went to sleep around 10:30.

The food was great though if not a bit risque’, Dr. Pepper has got a pretty strong kick to it if you’re not used to drinking the hard colas. I usually only drink herbal tea (my body is my temple) so I skipped the sodas all together.

Damn, Inertia, you overflowed my hipwaders!!!

::goes to shower::

Anyway, I had a great time, thanks VBlaise!

thank you Valeryblaise. Fun was had by all and i am looking forward to getting together again sometime

One more here. Sorry I had to leave early and take thinksnow and tiggeril with me. I’m sick. Super-sick. I’m über-sick. I just feel like hell. Had I stayed any longer I would have infected you all and gone down in the history books as the first DopeFest typhoid spreader.
Someone tell me if that sentence even makes sense? I’m going back to bed.
As long as breakfast does not involve me eating or getting out of bed, Kelly, we can go anytime. If your plans sound differently, we might wanna wait a couple of days. :slight_smile:

Now if thinksnow would just come back and nurse me through this ebola I have, I might live until Spiffled…

I’m back in Louisville.

Oh, what a night. Sorry for running you out of the (front) living room, Valerie, but, you know, smoke…

Anyhow, I had a great time. It was good to meet y’all and man was that some tasty pizza! Now you are all obligated to come to the next OhioDope fest, you know.

Nym, I though you had scurvy…ebola you say? Hmm, well, I don’t thing OJ and chicken noodle soup will work on that. [sub]Maybe you should ask you grandmother.[/sub]

Get well darlin’ and I’ll be seeing a bunch of you and a few weeks.

Oh, my. Well, I just have to say I’m SOOOO happy. About an hour before the party, I was convinced no one was coming and that I’d have to drink all that liquor alone and stuff… I’m glad you guys put up with my lack of organization this time.

I had an amazingly fun night, and it wasn’t just the booze .Even after nearly breaking my knee (which still hurts like a BASTARD, just so you all know) I can say that I really had fun hanging with the Dopers I already know, and the new ChiDopes are ALL great people. I’m hoping that we can convince Mr. Lee and Gaudy’s Brother to join the cult, as well.

I’d like to apologize for looking possessed in all the pics of me. Really, I’m not a demon - officially, at least. Just chalk the red-eye up to Maker’s Mark.

OK, and I wanted to do a somewhat official list of attendees:

KellyM/karynn (for the chatters)
AVMan/ Mr. lee
Brother of Gaudere

Basically, everyone that was here is a rockstar. Those that said they were coming and didn’t show… well, all I can say is that you missed seeing Inertia’s ass live-and-in-person. That’s your loss. :slight_smile:

Well, I wrote a long response and my computer froze up when I tried to submit. Dang. Oh, well. Mostly I was just saying that we are one extremely non-average bunch of people. And, that VB, and Eric, are great for allowing us to invade their home.

Oh, Inertia and Nymysys, and enyone else who I spoke to about possible jobs, send resumes to me soon. VB, you’re welcome to submit a res if you like, but it would be a nasty commute for you and you don’t sound like you are ready to move anytime soon. The office is in Niles on Howard near Caldwell. Any Chemical engineer types who are reading this could email me with questions if you’re interested.

OK checked out the pics. I’m the guy in the grey shirt next to Valerie in one of the early pics. There’s a shot of me alone with a red cup in my hands later on. And I have red eyes even worse than Valerie. Light blue eyes are very difficult to photograph.

I came, I saw, I helped buy and drink a lot of alcohol, I went home.


Buying enough alcohol to intoxicate 15 dopers and guests?


Not being hung over?


However, I think that we need to plan ahead for any further dopefests that inertia and I will both be attending. A single bottle of Jager just isn’t enough in that circumstance.

I went out for another alcohol run later. ~$50 worth

Holy jay-zus. This is what I get for being sick. I miss out on all the booze and fun.

<sigh> Of course, I’m STILL missing out on booze and fun, since I’m only getting sicker. Anyone want to bring me soup?