Dear Abby - Helloooooo from Chicago!!!!

Hi. I’m at Nym’s. I’m having fun. I think everyone else is, too. :slight_smile: 'specially Quix. Heh. He’s sexy. So is everyone else. YUM ChiDopers!!!

I am in Dopefest heaven. :slight_smile: Oh, and I’m drunk too.

(Wow… SURPRISE!! :EEK: )

Who’s here? Me, Quix, Joey, chique, lno, Nym, Dyno, hardygrrl, and thinksnow. They are all HOT!!! ‘specially Joey. And he’s a big ol’ sweeeeeetie, too. :slight_smile: I love him.

Umm, yeah. So I’m done now. :slight_smile:

(I just used way too many smilies. OOPS…)

Drunk, in Chicago.

Oh yeah… LICK ME, THINKSNOW!!! :wink:

OH, and my breath isn’t flammable. Yet.

Gracious. Looks like we left before the real party started! We wanted to wait for the MN contingent, but we’re old, and we tire easily… plus we had that pneumoniac kid to get home to.

Mags, we had a great time! Thank you so much for hosting, and thanks to Super Roomie, too! I am still trying to mentally sort names and faces, but I think I got most of 'em now. Miss Creant in particular is going to have to be closely watched, as my husband declared her complexion “incredibly beautiful”. He also said Tigg was extra adorable. Me, I behaved, and didn’t even notice any of the guys. Nope, not one. There were guys there?

Thanks again, Mags!!

Mags, thanks so much. A wonderful “quiet” ChiDope. I’m still stuffed, believe it or not. Apples to Apples is my favourite game and I won.


[sub]Sorry, the competitive spirit sometimes runs amuck.[/sub]

Took some people to my place after, and most have left for their perspective states save boli, DynoSaur and JoeyHemlock. We’re all helping VileOrb move in today. Pretty lame, everyone showing up, drinking booze, trashing the place, then won’t even help move. :smiley:

A good time was had by all. Some more than others. After that, I have no comment.

Oh, one.

I heart lno. :smiley:

Just made it home…and I will never mix Tequila, Merlot and Rolling Rock again-my head frigging hurts.

I had a blast. I know I was pretty quiet but I did enjoy myself. How could I not after seeing the Huge Butt Plug or thinks in his boxers?

Thanks to Magdaline for being a great hostess, Quix, Dyno and tigg for meeting me at the train station and nearly drowning in the process, Nym for letting me crash at her place, and everyone who made me laugh. :slight_smile:
[sub]BTW, Superdude? YOU DO SNORE. Dyno, thanks for not smacking me. It was the booze, I swear, and it was cold, I swear. :slight_smile:

You got to sleep with Superdude?? I’m totally jealous!! Is he snuggly? :stuck_out_tongue:


(grumble-grumble) Damned rain!

The guy next door was taking water. Houses on Main St. had it four feet deep in their basements. The street was flooded at both ends of the block. My family panics if anything bad happens and I’m not there. I couldn’t get there. Mad I missed it.

Boo!! Boo!!

sorry, just thought I’d say that because I’d love to have been there.

guys notice that? who knew? Boy, men are REALLY going to be pounding down my door now. “Hey d’ya hear? Miss Creant’s complexion is awesome!”

What about my boobs?!

Darling, that is the ButtPlug of Doom.

The ButtPlug of Doom does not like being called by the wrong name.

Do not mock the ButtPlug of Doom.

Thinksnow, on the other hand, is totally open for mocking.


Darling, that is the ButtPlug of Doom.

The ButtPlug of Doom does not like being called by the wrong name.

Do not mock the ButtPlug of Doom.

Thinksnow, on the other hand, is totally open for mocking.


I had so much fun at this weekend’s ChiDope that I’m still here. I can’t seem to tear myself away!

Magdalene is an awesome hostess. Her boy Pixellent is way cool as well. We had more food than anyone could imagine, and it was all delicious. Oh, but will you people please STOP putting seafood in every random dish?

Nymysys deserves much praise for putting up (and putting up WITH) so many dopers. She had a full house all weekend and didn’t complain once. Now Vileorb and his mountains of stuff are living here too, which makes for some cramped space.

One more thing: I am terrified of the ButtPlug of Doom.

I would like to thank whomever it is was who called me last night while I was at the TMBG concert. (Actually, I know who it was cuz I recongnized the cell phone number on my caller ID.) Nothing like coming home to hear a bunch of drunks screaming on one’s answering machine. The only intelligle word of the minute and a half long message was “Fuck.” It sounded like the phone had been dropped at one point. I had to turn the volume down on the machine so as not to disturb my neighbors, ya no-good bunch o’ horny hooligans!

Nope, they were Hawaiian style boxers. And I slept in the same room with Superdude, but was curled up next to someone else, everyone in the room was fully dressed. :slight_smile:

[sub]Sorry Crunchy**

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Superdude dropped trou just for me, so neener neener. He gives good hug, too.

Yes, it was totally worth it. :smiley:

Aww, I’m hearted. NYAH! NYAH! to the rest of you. (And the safety word is banana.)

Now to go down the list of all the things I need to take care of in the next day… like burning cds and finding replacement snap bracelets.

(Oh, and finding a way to apologize to Maeglin for waking him up in NYC at 6 am.)

Yay! Thank you everyone for coming and for bringing such great food and drink. I had a lot of fun. If anyone needs chips or fingerfoods, give me a call.

My lovely roommate is still confused about the whole “message board” thing - “You mean people drive across state lines just to play cards and eat food at your house on a Saturday night?” I tried to explain that Dopefests are like the Folsom Street Fair. “Every year you travel across the country to dress up in a vinyl corset and flog people and hang out with all your other deviant friends, right? Dopefests are sort of like that.”


As for the people who had sex in my bathroom (ick ick ICK ICK) and invaded my neighbors’ porch (thankfully they wanted to get high rather than call the cops) - You flunk the “ChiDope Purity Test.” What would Dear Abby say if she knew?


I know it wasn’t me, which is both very important and somewhat disappointing.

Well, it’s that time of year again, it’s time for:
ChiDope Quotes, October, 2001 Edition

Nymy: Oh, three pounds! I just tripled my fantasy!

Quix: Was I teabagged last night?

Dyno: I didn’t remember shoes. Do you think I remembered a sleeping bag?!

Folks are talking about sports, Nymy says that she’ll only get interested if Andy Green stats playing something.
Someone says:** What about Martin Granantica (sp?)? He’s like Andy Green, but tiny…he’s Tonya-sized!
Nymy says “Ohhhhh…I need to lie down… Wow, I never even thought of that as a concept…the things we could do!”

Joey Hemlock comes back from walking NymDawg
Superdude: Did you poop?
Joey: Me?

So…who hasn’t been licked by tiggy?

VileOrb: The only thing I want floating in my beer is my liver.

Jane D’oh!: You can pretty much smoke anything.

Nymy: Hot Tang!?! Do you hear yourself?

Vile: I’m going pigs.
Joey: Boy, if I had a nickel for eveytime…

Miss Creant: I’m waffling, right now, between firemen and cocaine.

[li]Silent Bob: :**D Dopefest in my backyard w/ pool, etc. next spring or summer.[/li]
SilverFire: I wanna see some butt-fucking. That’s why I’m here!

Silver: Where are the fuzzy bunnies?
Tiggy: I ate the fuckers!

Joey: Was he as good as me, bitch?

Vile: What about ass?

Silver: Everybody’s humping me!

Quix: I’d fuck him up the ass for $1!!!

Silver: I am all for the butt sex!

Superdude to Silver: Do you want my number?
Silver: Yeah, what’s your name?

thinksnow: Y’know, the thing is, every bullet fired has to land somewhere.
Nymy: That’s deep, dude.

Nymy: It’s time for strip Apples to Apples.
Chique: I’m gonna get myself fixed.

Silver: Joey, you’d be so good at giving head.

Chique to Magdalene: Holy shit! Where’d you get a box that big?!

Quix: Hey, Nym, do you have pussy [sub]control[/sub]?

lno: You know I really expected to have lost my pants by now.
Nymy: So did I.

Vile to Joey: Thank you for slapping me in the balls.

Joey: Peniiiiiiiiiiiss!!

lno: Yeah, I’m kickin’ it old stool. [sic]

lno with his hand on Superdudes thigh:** Chicken or brave?

Nymy: If, when I die, the only thing I’m known for is the worlds largest potato-gun, just don’t say anything.
think: Well, you’d likely be known for having the worlds largest butt-plug (aka- the Buttplug of Doom)

lno: So…I’m going to lose my nose-cherry.

Chique takes the worlds longest pee.

Superdude to lno: I hope that was just both of your fists, it felt like you had a foot in there.

Silver walks to the bathroom.
Nymy: Silver, are you ready to start moving?
Silver: Um…yeah, I’ll get back to you.
Silver continues to the bathroom.
Hardygrrl: You know we’re out of toilet paper, right?
Nymy: Yeah! That’ll learn ya, BITCH!

Quix on the Butt-plug of Doom: Hey, Nym, why didn’t you get the big one?

RE: Quix calling fraternities geeky
Nymy: You’re a fucking chemist!
Room: Bwuahahahahaha!

Room: Dave’s not here!

lno: Ahhh…the sweet smell of man-sex.

Silver: Why would you keep a horse-cock in a jar?
think: Where else would you keep it?
<5-minute “Monster horse-cock conversation takes place>

think: Kinda tastes like chicken.

RE: nose-cherries
lno: …running start…

Nymy: Thank you for playing, now here’s some head. Buh-bye!

<Nymy does something and Shiva (NymDawg) get’s up and shakes herself>
Dyno: See! You made the dog feel unclean!

::waves tiredly::

Thanks, magdalene :slight_smile:

Thanks, Nym :slight_smile:

lno: Check on Spanky, eh? :wink: [sub]Makes a mental note to NEVER take long car rides with other people while on the rag EVER AGAIN. Makes people hate her…[/sub]

::hugs everyone she didn’t manage to IRL this weekend::

WOO!!! I fucking LOVE you guys!

Okay, that was awesome. (FTR, I did NOT have sex in Mag’s bathroom. And Omar INVITED us upstairs to smoke pot with him. Heh.)

Oh, and you guys are great. :slight_smile: But you knew that already. Thanks to lno for driving me, and to chique for putting up with me for so long. :slight_smile: And Mag for letting us start this at her place, and to Nym for letting us finish at her’s.

It was really nice meeting all of you.