Mardi Gras, Milwaukee, and beer

Hey now Dopers of southeastern Wisconsin.

A couple of weeks ago GWVet posted this thread about stuff to do in Milwaukee and I volunteered to host a tour of the brewery where I work.

Well, it’s a go for tomorrow, Fat Tuesday. GWVEt and Uncommon Sense have stepped forward already and anyone else that is in the area is welcome to join in. Maybe we’ll grab a meal downtown or something afterward, we’ll see how it plays out.

So if you’re not too busy tomorrow around 5pm , and aren’t afraid to have a beer or two, and are willing to feign interest in the brewing process for about 15 minutes, feel free to join us!
If anyone needs directions my email is in my profile.

Leinenkugel’s 10th Street Brewery
1515 N. 10th Street
Milwaukee, WI

5:00 pm

You work in a brewery and didn’t tell anyone?? What kind of a cheesehead are you?

I didn’t know Leinies had a brewery in Milw, is that part of Millers or something?

Nope, too long a drive for a beer for me, I was just in the area yesterday.

Dang, you work at Leine’s?!? That’s my favorite beer and the only company I will advertise by wearing a t-shirt with their logo. My first lager, based on Leine’s Red, will be ready to drink in a week or two. And yet, you don’t have single distributor in Massachusetts! I had to drag some back from North Dakota when I visited my friend there last fall. Anyway, can I give you a shout when I come to visit my dad in Milwaukee this summer? I’ve wanted to tour Leine’s for a while, but I don’t have my own car to get my ass up to Chippewa Falls, and last I was in Milwaukee, they weren’t offering tours there.

Heya Big Cheese and Weird One, sorry you guys can’t make it.

BC, we are just a small satellite brewery here in Milwaukee, only 10 employees and we do about 40K barrels of beer a year here. It’s the building with the 3 story Leinenkugel’s mural painted on it next to I-43.

WO, we don’t really have tours because there are so few people working here that no one has time for it, but next time you are going to be in town email me beforehand and I will give you a tour.

Great, thanks! You’ll be hearing from me in, oh, six months or so.

I’m there - see you tomorrow. I’ll ring your cell when I get there.
(this is so cool!) :cool:

Dammit. I’m currently in San Francisco and will be touring two wineries in Sonoma County tomorrow. I hit Anchor Brewing Company today, woohoo! Guess I’ll have to take a rain check.

Hey, I didn’t know you were over there! Say hi to my mom and dad if’n you see them.

I’ll take a raincheck too. Leinies Honey Weiss is my fav beer. Mini-dopefest at the brewery! Could there be a better spot?

I bet you don’t mind ‘taking your work home’ with you.

I’m locked in.
If you could, post where we’ll be meeting. In the parking lot? Lobby?

I’ll call you later today anyway just to confirm.

Thanks again!

And, I’ll be taking pics and posting them to a Blogspot blog asap.

Hey all,

You can give me a call as you’re heading in and I’ll meet you at the parking lot. The best way to get here is to turn west on Walnut Street from 6th. Ignore the ‘Road Closed’ signs. Go all the way to the missing bridge and turn left on 10th street, go to the end of the block and the brewery is on your right, park in the fenced in parking lot on your right, there should be a green Forester there, that’s my car.

How’d it go? Insted of beads did you throw sausages or cheese cubes?

Dopefest Milwaukee was a great time. August wasn’t lying - the brewery tour was the best there is. Nothing tastes as good as Leinie Honey Weiss right outa the vat! Not only did I learn a lot about brewing, but I can also explain it to someone!

August West, Uncommon Sense and Mrs. Uncommon Sense are a great bunch. I had a blast this time up to Milwaukee, and I hope we can do something again the next time I’m in town.

Maybe you and the Weird One can be here at the same time and I’ll slide on over. Saturdays work best, but I am taking every friday off this summer!

I am sooooo jealous. I’m so sad I missed it. I’m glad you guys had fun.

If you have a second for a question , August I’ve always wondered about Leinie’s Limited. I’ve had it a couple of times, and absolutely loved it, but I haven’t seen it in about a decade. Of course, I’ve moved out of Milwaukee, so it may just be availability, but I was wondering if they still make it, and where I could get my hands on some. Thanks.

As a matter of fact, here are the pics.

Leinies tour.

I wish I could have stayed longer.
For sure, next time.

Hey now, it was a great time. Hope I explained everything clearly enough, I tend to talk fast and need to have more time for questions I think.

Hamlet, I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that Leinie Limited is still being brewed, it’s called Northwoods Lager now. The bad news is that we are going to stop making it in about a week. So get to your local liquor store quick and buy up all that they have left.

GWVet and UC, glad you guys had a good time. Thanks for picking up dinner GWV, that was nice of ya!

Oh no!! All these years it’s been under my nose, and I didn’t know it. Why are the discontinuing it now? Poor sales?

Let’s see, the house is about 2400 square feet, with 8 foot ceilings a case of beer is roughly … cubic feet… carry the one… kick the kids out of their room… “Borrow” our neighbors garage…

You’re very welcome. The tour was great, the beer was great, and it was a pleasure to get to know you.