margin has the self-awareness of a barnacle.

And he/she is a coward, to boot.

Most of the time margin does a passable job of imitating an enemy of ignorance, but the truth has been revealed.

Take in this bit of misdirection:

This is where.

When challenged on the Bernie/Noriega/Castro connection, there was silence. Was it an outright lie or thoughtless prejudice? Can’t be sure but my money is on thoughtless prejudice. margin, if your height was proportional to your self-awareness you’d need to stand on a dime to see over a nickel.

I endorse this pitting.

I don’t.:slight_smile:

I am indifferent to it.

But a person on the internet saying “Bernie worships Noriega and Castro” is not an example of a Democratic politician preaching or glorifying hatred.

It doesn’t appear margin has even been on since you gave the ultimatum.

So, not sure this would classify as roasted to a stinking ugly crisp. 4 out of 10

Plus, when did the Pit become the “cite required” section of the board? Cite please? :slight_smile:

I’m leaning towards, “thoughtless prejudice”. margin strikes me as hyperbolic and reactive, rather than ill meaning.

Weak pitting. Who pissed in your cereal bowl this morning?

He gets wet cereal? Luxury!

So, in your mind, obvious rhetorical hyperbole equals hatred?

So then, when you equate what margin said with “the Left’s version of Trump”, you’re also spewing hatred? Or is it just hatred if it’s against your preferred candidate?

For fuck’s sake, with all the times margin has not held back her anger, you pick this innocuous post? You couldn’t just say “Aren’t you exaggerating a bit?”

Again, all of us voting Democrat are on the same side.

Actually, given that this thread is the outcome of a prediction he made yesterday afternoon, it’s more like somebody crapped on his lunchtime Happy Meal yesterday.

My cat died last week, you cuntflap.

And as for all the Berniacs whining about Bernie worshipping Noriega and Castro…wait, are you actuality saying that Trump DOESN’T preach hatred? How about "All Mexicans are rapists, Obama’s a Kenyan Muslim, Hillary started birtherism, I saw Muslims dancing on 9/11, I perfer people who weren’t captured she got schlonged, Maybe you Second Amendment people can find a solution, Beat the crap out of him,…have you been in a fucking coma for five years?

Anyone else thinking the cat killed itself?

Fuck, there’s supposed to be quotation marks after “Beat the crap out of him”.

I haven’t even picked up my poor kitty’s ashes, you moist weeping sore of a hemorrhoid.

fuck you, you cunt.

That’s some mouth on you, you blow your dead cat with that mouth?

fuck you you cunt.

You’re as shitty as Shodan. Do you feel superior now? Why don’t you call me a crazy cat lady, too? Because losing a pet is not something that would ever affect a perfect specimen like you.

Normally, I apologise for my username in situations like this, but I don’t feel the need in this case. You are good at the insults though, so kudos for that I guess. You seem to be a hateful jerk regardless of the life status of your pets.

I’m sorry you lost your kitty :frowning: I know how it feels.

She was dumped on my doorstep in a box as a tiny, terrified, tortie kitten. She turned into a tiny, outrageously loving and affectionate six-pound adult who was so loving that if you said her name, she’d trill, do elevator butt, and try and head butt molecules. If you gave her scritches, she’d lean in so hard she’d topple over. She chatted all the time and the house is very quiet without her.

She was only ten. They stll don’t know what it was, but she was so stressed by the trip to the vet’s that they couldn’t do any of the tests to determine what was wrong.

She was blind, though. Her retinas had become detached over night. I really hoped I’d have her another ten years. She must have been terrified.

If you have to put a pet to sleep, stay with them. Her terror was horrifying.