Maricopa GOP shortsighted, idiotic, insane, censures John McCain

No, really. This is a thing that happened.

My feelings are mixed. On one hand, I’m disappointed and shocked (as usual… maybe I should stop being shocked by this) that the republican party would do something so idiotic, short-sighted, and insane; I’m disappointed that people who play a role in running the country are so encapsulated in their own little bubble that they completely fail to understand that “conservative” and “republican” include things other than “tea party nutjob”. On the other hand… Well, here’s my response from a different forum to someone celebrating this development:

You (and the Maricopa GOP) are deranged. McCain is no Michele Bachmann, but he’s sure as hell not a liberal. And you know what? I hope you guys keep doing this to yourselves. I hope you keep throwing out “RINOs” like McCain. Hell, I sincerely hope that Chris Christie is next. Do you know why? Because it helps to marginalize your party. Every time so-called “RINOs” are thrown out and replaced by teabaggers on the fringe, more and more independents look at your party and say, “You know what? You guys are fucking crazy, and I can’t vote for that”. Take my home state of Maine. Not the most liberal state (in fact, probably one of the most conservative in New England), but she voted with her conscience. Sure, she was a republican, but she also wasn’t crazy. And she got slammed as a RINO. And then she resigned, citing extreme partisanship and “dispiriting political environment”. And then we got an independent who caucused with democrats in her place. No way any of that could have anything to do with the fact that the republican party now seems to require a party discipline which is insane - demanding that its members toe the line of a minority caucus within the party, eh? Of course not.

So please, GOP, keep doing this. Keep on throwing out big-name, charismatic, well-liked figures because they’re slightly to the left of Joe McCarthy. Keep on denouncing those within your ranks as “RINOs” when they fail to be sufficiently crazy. It will hurt the country in the short term (more crazies always will) but in the long term, it’ll lead to the rightful marginalization of the republican party until they pull their shit together and shift towards the center, and abandon the fucking lunatics in leadership positions. So go on. Call McCain a RINO. Call Christie a RINO. Say that Boehner doing the right thing and ending a harmful government shutdown is akin to treason to the party. Because the more you do, the more the nation realizes, “holy shit, these people are lunatics.”

P.S. If you support this decision and are a republican, congratulations! My previous statements about “deranged” “fucking crazy” “a bunch of lunatics” apply equally to you. :slight_smile:

Egad, not even supporting a lot of the Bengazi lunacy is good enough for the tea partiers. :smack:

I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised. This is the district Joe Arpaio is from. The stupid runs deep there. But damn. What even the fuck.

Who is “she”?

Unlike Maine, Arizona is perfectly capable of replacing McCain with someone more conservative*. That person will never be a Presidential candidate but will hold a U.S. Senate seat for Arizona just nicely.

*The crazy definition of conservative.

I would assume Olympia Snowe.

Whoops. Yeah, I mean Snowe. She was a republican, but she was, you know… not crazy. Given how standards have dropped since the 90s, that’s a qualifying remark for being a legitimately good person in legislature. :mad:

Whoa, do not overgeneralize, good chucks of phoenix (that is in Maricopa) even have democratic representatives. But yeah, there is plenty of stupid to point at.

So what does this mean for McCain now? Is censure by one county in a state where you’re a Senator (and not a House Rep) mean anything other than a symbolic vote? I agree with the OP that its a stupid and idiotic symbol, but will anything happen with McCain now that he’s officially censured?

Personally, I can see McCain pissed off at this group and not giving a whit about it, and continue to do things his way and piss them off. Might even do some stuff on purpose just to be an ass. I do think he’ll talk about Benghazi a lot less now seeing as how he realizes he can’t appeal to those crazies no matter what he does

Before you go giving Maine too much credit, take a look at governor Paul LePage. Apparently those harsh winters are just as bad for your mental health as the Arizona summers.

He only won with like 38 percent of the vote. 62 percent of Mainiyacs would have preferred a more liberal candidate, they just couldn’t agree on which one.

Ayuh. And unless you guys come to some kind of agreement on that, he’s going to be re-elected with 35% of the vote too.

Only the People’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Maine has the correct party line, and they must maintain its strict purity until the others fall into line.

Traitor ! Everyone knows that it’s the People’s Front for the Popular Liberation of Maine that has the correct party line.

Splitters. What are you gonna do?


ETA: Missed it by this much

I have no comment on this issue, but I’d like to thank the OP for the link, which led me to this video on the same site:

If it weren’t on an actual news site, I’d swear it was an Onion News clip. Watch until the end for some inspiring comments from the “victim”!

Sorry for the hijack. Please continue discussing John McCain, whom I don’t much care for.

What’s so funny about that? It’s terrible and now she’s suffering quite a bit for it. Adolescents are chemically and biologically wired to take stupid risks and make bad decisions. It’s neither surprising or Dunn when they hurt themselves.

Quite. I performed my own share of Dunn stunts, albeit nothing quite as Dunn as a short leap off a roof or cliff at my friends’ request.

None of my Dunn feats became “viral sensations,” nor were they used to solicit money from the public, nor was I given an opportunity to appear on the news to say that hell, at least now we can as try to milk some money from my incredibly idiotic act.

It was this ridiculousness that I found funny (in an absurd sense), more so than the tragedy of a teenager falling on her ass. Which—as you quite sensibly and compassionately note— is never, ever funny.

sniff The Killer Clown-Demon in the Sewers of Derry Party will render both your factions marginal.