Marie Callender's Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy - review

I bought Biscuits and Sausage Gravy at Sams Club. Packaged in individual servings with 2 biscuits and a gravy packet. Well, I consider 2 biscuits one serving. :wink: The box’s nutritional info is for one biscuit. Yeah right. Thats going to fill up an adult. Trust me, you’ll want both biscuits for breakfast. I like the convenience of the individual servings. Very easy, just wrap biscuits in paper towel and microwave. Cut a notch in the gravy packet and microwave it next. Then Assemble on plate.

Its very, very tasty. There’s actual pieces of ground sausage in the gravy. Its mildly seasoned with pepper. A big bonus for me. A lot of restaurants put way too much pepper or they use spicy sausage in their biscuits & gravy. I prefer having it served with very little pepper. People can easily add more at the table.

Not homemade, but for a frozen breakfast item I’m quite pleased. Its better than McDonalds biscuits & gravy. imho and they supposedly make fresh biscuits every morning.

Sure hope these catch on. I haven’t seen them at the grocery yet. Only at Sams Club.

I used to love McDonalds biscuits and gravy, but they don’t sell it around where I live anymore :frowning:

Microwavable breakfast items have significantly improved in the past few years. Especially breakfast sandwiches that don’t include eggs. Frozen eggs just don’t turn out very well. imho

Another great option for biscuits and gravy is Tennessee Prides Sausage Gravy. Heats in the microwave and is Very good. But it makes too much for one person. Need two people and 4 biscuits. We use the Walmart brand frozen biscuits that can be cooked individually.

Wow… the wife brought these home, and I tried them once. Can’t say I’m a fan. The gravy seemed much too … watery or slimy somehow. We had been buying the Jimmy Dean breakfasts that each contain a single biscuit with gravy since my son has been on a biscuit kick, and I like those so much better!

I’m a fan of the Bob Evans frozen biscuits and gravy (which only Walmart carries around here), but the gravy tends to be a little greasier than I’d like. How do Marie’s hold up in that regard?

I didn’t notice any grease in Marie’s gravy. Probably would add flavor if it did, but as you mentioned grease is a turn off for many customers.

I’ll have to try Bob Evans.

My sister works for ConAgra, and they recently revamped the Marie Callender’s line and improved it quite a bit.

From now on I’m going to be picturing aceplace57 as Leonard from Community: :slight_smile:

McDonalds has/had b&g?

Indeed. Not too shabby, as far as it goes. Not great but will serve the purpose. The hash browns should be dredged in it too for best results.

This is the most unappetizing thread I’ve seen here, and I include those with pilonidal cyst links! Or maybe it was something I ate.

AFAIK they still do in Little Rock and probably most of the South. It’s been awhile since I ordered it from McDonalds. I usually go to Shipley Donuts if I want to order B&G at a restaurant.

Kind of bland. Hardee’s has always been the gold standard for fast/chain food biscuits & gravy.

Since ConAgra’s decision to close their headquarters here and move it to Chicago I have stopped buying products they sell

DH also bought those home from Sams Friday night. Delicious!

Very tasty gravy and dense, filling biscuits. I dare say better than Cracker Barrel.

The gravy packets have way more than I’d use per serving, but it’s perfect for him.

A rare treat. Did you get $3 off, too?

Now, now. Not everyone has the time or skills to make it from scratch. We can pity them, but not criticize them.

It’s not microwave fast, but I find that I can make sausage gravy in the 10-15 minutes that it takes to bake biscuits from a package, and it lets me make the gravy the way that I like it (lots of pepper, and enough butter to cause a starving army to develop heart disease–needless to say, it’s an occasional treat.)

Yes it was a promotional item last week. I sure hope they decide to keep it in stock.

Oh, was it just regional for the south? That would explain why I never knew of it way up in MI.

Back when I took medicine early in the morning and needed something quick, I remember using a McCormick gravy packet with sausage and biscuits. It didn’t taste like the real thing, but the white gravy was quite good–completely different from anything else I’ve tasted.

Much better than the sausage gravy everyone seems to use these days.