Marie Fredriksson Roxette Singer Dies at 61

wow they were one the most popular groups on MTV from 88-92 or so …

They broke up professionally and romantically … but had started doing shows a while back…

13 September 1991, my first day of teaching in Czechoslovakia, I woke up to “Fading Like a Rose” being played somewhere in my dormitory. One memory that’ll always stick in my mind…

RIP, Marie. :frowning:

Pity, she was a good singer.

They were never a couple.

They went on hiatus because she got sick the first time around in 2002.

When I was traveling extensively in Europe in the late 80s, I would watch Sky Channel, as the music videos were about all I could understand in most countries. It was on a trip to Stockholm that I saw “The Look”. I returned home and asked my teens if they had heard of Roxette. It gave me great pleasure to be so hip, as they just gave me a blank look.

Got to see them in Zurich when she was feeling better after brain cancer. Really glad I got the opportunity to see them live.

It’s been a rough week for celebrities.

…but it’s over now.


I’m bummed out. She fought this thing for a long time.


I only discovered Roxette a few years ago, shortly after the release of the Pixar film Inside Out. I listened to Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away”, which was played in “Riley’s First Date?”, and YouTube suggested Roxette. I got hooked and bought an imported greatest-hits CD, Don’t Bore Us - Get to the Chorus!