Rush have decided not to tour any more

This really doesn’t surprise me. They’re all in their 60s, and Alex Lifeson has serious health issues. The band is not breaking up, and they may do occasional shows if the stars are aligned :p.

It seems that the main reason is Peart’s health not Lifeson’s. He’s had tendonitis and other physical issues for a while. He’s not exactly taking it easy behind the kit. Changing his technique added years to his career but made it not as fun to watch him play. I’m just glad I got to watch them on both of their last tours. Quite frankly Peart and Lifeson sounded as good as ever. Geddy just isn’t up to singing the songs live the way the should be sung.

No surprise here, either. Glad I saw 'em when I did.

Neil Peart’s been talking about retiring from touring for more than a year. So yeah, no surprise.

From video I have seen, I agree. Still one the greats on the bass but his voice has gotten deeper as he has gotten older. It always sounds…strained.

Well, he’s been doing it for…a while.

I knew this was coming, too, but I’m still sad about it.

First time I saw them was 1983 on the Grace Under Pressure tour. Floor seats for $12.50. I’ve seen them 51 more times since then.

The long nightmare is over. Children are once again free to play in the streets. :wink:

The first time I saw them, in 1982, was when Geddy started singing more in his natural tenor voice. Alex has psoriatic arthritis and COPD, and I was aware of Neil having tendinitis and other orthopedic issues related to his drumming.

Each time I saw them was in a different state.

1982 - Des Moines, IA
1990 - Omaha, NE
1994 - (same week, long story) Kansas City, MO and Moline, IL


I saw them in Birmingham, AL in 1985 when I was in high school. (Power Windows)
Still one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.

I saw them over three nights in LA and San Diego.

Fun Fact: At the LA Forum, “Ticket Holders” will give up their seats for non-basketball events, and if you are smart, or just plain lucky, you get court-side tickets (argueably shitty to see a band) for something like a Rush concert, where programs are complimentary and cocktail service is offered. Seats were padded, too!

That was a great show! :smiley: Still have the program! Power Windows Tour!

I’ve seen them every time they came around our area from 1989 (Presto tour) until last year (R40 tour). Love them live, love their music. I’ll miss seeing them on tour, but I’m not surprised. I’ve seen this coming for a while now.

Hope they’re all able to enjoy their retirement and play shows occasionally when they want to.

Just got to see them once. The only time they toured in Mexico City.

I am a bit more surprised they lasted so long. Especially considering that Peart had a very tough time at the beginning of the century.

End of last, actually. 1997 is when he lost his wife and his daughter. :frowning:

I’m actually glad in a way. I saw their last tour video on TV, and couldn’t stand how Geddy sounded. He simply can’t hit the notes, or even reliably sing in a lower key. He can still play bass like a madman, but can no longer sing. And I know that both Peart and Lifeson have health issues. I love the band’s music, but they should retire - other than whatever limited performances they want to do. Given their penchant for intense practicing and rehearsing before tours, I wonder if they will ever want to perform again.

Yeah, I guess I misremembered. Glad he got a new chance at having a family; can’t blame him for wanting to be around as much as he can.

If anyone cares, here’s a funny 1981 interview with Rush where the journalist is completely, thoroughly unimpressed with them and it looks like everyone was having a particularly bad day.

No longer breaking their fast on honey dew anymore.
Hopefully there’s been a dog, somewhere, named By-Tor.
This working man was always in the mood for their anthems.

My late brother-in-law had a Mastiff mix named By-tor. Almost no one in the family “got it”, but of course I did. They all thought it was a goofy way to spell “Biter”.

Hey! I was at that Moline show! I was in grad school at Iowa City at the time!

It’s like we’re related or something.

Meg White is filling in for their pending tour.