Do You Love Rush?

No… not the big fat guy who talks on the radio! I mean the prog-rock band that’s been making music for nearly 30 years. They are absolutely one of my favorites!

What you may not know is that Rush have been on hiatus for several years, due to some personal tragedies that befell their drummer, Neil Peart. During this time, the other two guys in the band have been busy working on projects\interests of their own. Alex Lifeson owns a club in Toronto, and Geddy Lee (the guy with the love it or hate it voice) has been busy recording a solo album.

Well, to get to the point, Geddy’s album was released yesterday. It’s called My Favorite Headache. And, IMHO, it is a great piece of work! So, if you’re a Rush fan, take it from me… My Favorite Headache is really worth a listen!

I DL’ed the title track, and although it isn’t up to usual Rush standards, it’s certainly a good song with some kick-ass bass playing!

Do I love Rush? Does the pope shit in the woods? Wait a minute…

Anyway. Rumour has it that the lads from Toronto are in the studio as we speak, working on the next Rush studio album, to be released next year, probably late spring or early summer. Woohoo!

I was wondering how long it would take you to notice this thread Coldie! :slight_smile:

Give the whole album a listen. I think you will like it. I agree, it’s not as good as a real Rush album, but for a solo effort, it has a lot of quality. I think Geddy really worked on this one, to get it right.

You rang?

I’m currently beginning the fun task of getting all my Rush albums on CD. I own them all already, but part are albums, part are tapes, and part are CDs. Ah well, it’ll give me something to do…:wink:

And Geddy’s album is out? makes note to head over to Best Buy this weekend… Hey ClogBoy? Didn’t you say Alex was working on Victor II? Any release date?

oh, and by the way, Geddy’s site is up now,

Supposedly the site will be “very interactive” (Geddy’s words in a recent interview). However at the moment all it does is offer the option to sign up for “Geddy’s mailing list”, whatever that is.

Yup, I love Rush.

I didn’t make it out last night to buy Ged’s disc, but I did download two more tracks from it off Napster to get a taste. One is very Rush-y (Working at Perfekt) and another rather poppy (something with Angels in the title).

I’ll probably wait until I get back in the States to pick up the disc, because I’m not bringing my Discman on the plane, just my Minidisc, and I’m outta blank MDs to record it on.

Let me be the first to offer a different view of Rush. Working Man was a cool song but after that they seemed doomed to be a one hit wonder. Permanent Waves was pretty good and Moving Pictures was real good (especially YYZ) and the next one was OK, just a bit less good than Permanent Waves. But after 1982 they have really sucked a big one. Why are they even together now?

Well, Gnostic, glad you asked. In my opinion, they are probably still together because they a) still love to write and perform music together, and b) the success of their 22 albums, all certified RIAA gold-or-better have cumulative worldwide sales of over 35 million, making it worth their while to continue.

How’s that? :rolleyes:

Let it slide, Mars, there’s always gonna be people who beg to differ. Anyone who apparently doesn’t appreciate “Counterparts” isn’t a valuable opponent in a music debate, anyway :smiley:

I fell in love with Rush when I was in the 8th grade, saw them live during the Hold Your Fire tour. Everything I owned by them was on tape, and I left my tapes when I left D.C., so I am currently Rush-less. But they will always have a fond place in my heart.

2112 is, in my opinion, the best concept album by anyone ever. Also Neil Peart is the main reason I took up drums. No rock drummer I’ve ever heard comes close. After trying for 6 years, I can almost play “Tom Sawyer” all the way through.

Rush is a great band, one of the all-time best.
Like the Beatles, they have put out some timeless classics, and every so often, some complete rubbish. But nobody’s perfect.
I don’t know about a Geddy solo album, though.


Coldie only has TWO posts to this thread?

He’s too busy ramping up with his moderator duties. :wink:

And by the way, congratulations Coldie! I am sure you will represent the interests of us Rush fans very well! :slight_smile:

I did a mad-dash sprint through Best Buy last night getting last minute stuff (film, batteries, Minidisk case, etc.) for my trip tomorrow, and I picked up Ged’s disc, too.

I’ve only listened to it once and it sounds good. Nothing amazing, nothing terrible. I’ve already transferred it to MD for the plane, and I’ll be sure to check back with a better review sometime during the week, if Anniz lets me use her computer.

Not to correct a moderator (congrats, Coldy!), but I believe Rush is going into the studio this winter, not now, and that Victor II is signed, sealed, and is stuck in limbo (no pun intended) awaiting delivery.

FWIW, I can’t stand 2112, but I’ll fight to the death to defend Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Presto, and even Counterparts.

Well, I know where I’m going after work.

While I can’t say I love Rush, I do really enjoy them
once in a while. I’ve seen them a few times live and
they really put on an excellent show. Neil Peart is the
only rock drummer I have ever seen that deserved his
drum solo.

Mars Horizon said:

Jeez, what am I, chopped liver?

I ran a BBS called “The Temples of Syrinx” for a number of years, fercryingoutloud!

      • In an interview that a local DJ made reference to a while back, they said that they much preferred the newer music to the older. Lots of fans enjoy the old stuff especially at concerts, but Lee admitted that he couldn’t sing many of the high-pitched ones well any more.
  • Opinions is opinions, but Rush or Rush-parts is one of the few artists I am willing to buy automatically, without hearing any of it beforehand. - MC
      • I’m still pining for the days when MTV played the video for “Vital Signs”. (sigh) So long ago, so far away. - MC