Geddy Lee/My Favorite Headache - Opinions?

Serious potential is what I say. Then again my fanatical devotion to the cult of Lee, Lifeson & Peart might have something to do with this.

I’ve had the CD for several months but never really got past the first track until today. No head-banging heavy metal, no bubblegum 7th grade white girl top-40, and not too heavy on the techno-tronic sounds (a la Signals*).

I notice that three percussionists were recruited for this - Geddy missing Neil mayhaps?

Whaddayas think?

[sub]Don’t get me wrong - I like Signals![/sub]

I am a former Rush fan. The Geddy Lee CD is of interest to me for reasons of nostalgia/intellectual curiosity only, but I think the man is a fine musician, and I hope he has a long and prolific solo career.

It’s not Rush, but it’s the next best thing. Since the CD came out, it’s been the only CD I’ve kept in my car continuously (all the others get swapped in and out).

BTW, when this album first came out, somebody mentioned that Alex Lifeson would have one coming out soon, too. But I haven’t seen hide nor hair of it. Anybody have any news?

Yeah, the rumours of Victor II have been around for a while now. No idea what’s up with that.

I bought MFH, and while I do like it, it’s obvious that it takes Lee, Lifeson and Peart to make a Rush album. MFH is fine stuff, and musically interesting, but the compositions bore me more easily than a Rush song ever could.

The best news of all is then, not surprisingly, that the Toronto Trio are in the studio to record their next album as we speak.

That’s good to hear! I wasn’t sure what would happen or if Peart would be able to pull himself together after all he’s been through. The songs should be interesting…

The story on it is yeah, they’re recording, but they’re not promising any deadlines. They’re taking it slow, mainly with respect to Peart.

Yeah, the lyrics are obviously gonna kick ASS.