Neil Peart is dead

This seems to be an factual report on the CBC website.

Wow, one of the greatest drummers of all time. I don’t even know what to think. RIP and I know what I’m listening to tonight.

A corroborating story on Rolling Stone, indicating that a spokesperson for the band had confirmed the news.

Just saw this.

What a shock. I do wonder if this wasn’t a sudden thing. He was a very private person, but it was also well known that Rush ended because he wasn’t up to playing anymore.


Aw, man, that sad.

It was brain cancer.

He’s been fighting brain cancer for the past three years the way he did everything else, privately. That’s from The Rolling Stone

Dang, dude. That sucks.

We had a thread about which celebrity death will hit you the hardest. I have my answer. This one.

Sad news. :frowning:


Thank you, hadn’t seen their report when I first posted.

Just heard. That truly sucks.

RIP Mr. Peart; you done fucking amazing.

Aye; this one is seeming to sting extra hard. I wasn’t even a Rush fanatic; just a fan of their good stuff, really. But I know every single nuance of every one of those tunes and lots about a lot of their other tunes. This sucks but hey, no one gets out alive.

Oh, damn. Fuck cancer! :frowning:

Fuck you, cancer!

This smacked me between the eyes when I saw it. I’ve been a Rush fan since the mid-80s. I’ve got all their albums, and have attended at least one show on every one of their tours from 1989 until their 40th anniversary farewell tour. I’ve always admired Neil as someone who managed to keep his privacy in a very public industry (especially with two extroverted band fellow bandmembers who enjoyed the spotlight a lot more than he did). His motorcycling travelogues were excellent too.

I had no idea he was even ill–but then, apparently, that was what he wanted. Private until the end. Condolences to his wife and daughter, Geddy and Alex, and the rest of his friends and family. :frowning:

Oh No! Fuck.

Yeah, this smarts.

It’s not too much to say that, along with Robert Heinlein, Peart’s lyrics gave me the jumping off point to adulthood for me. Even when I disagreed with them I had to think things through with them.

Horrible news, but I have to admit, not unexpected.

67 used to sound really old. Now it seems way too young to die.

RIP Neil. You were a big part of my growing up.