Mario, Sonic make peace, then compete again in Olympics

After Sega stopped making video game systems and started making games for other systems, it seemed like a video game event akin to the end of Communism. Super Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog, once bitter rivals, now friends appearing on the same system. Think all is well? You’re wrong. It seems that this is the setup for the biggest sports rivalry since the United States and the USSR: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. A Nintendo/Sega co-production to be released by Sega in the United States and Europe and Sega in Japan, this game will feature the plumber, the blue guy, and his friends competing in Olympic events. To be released for the DS and the Wii, the game is being overseen by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and is officially licensed by the International Olympic Comittee and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee.

(Thanks to Something Awful, Eurogamer, and IGN)

The 100m dash and Hammer Throw should be pretty well sewn up then

Dibs on Solid Snake for the shooting events.

And Epona for the equestrian ones.

A correction: the game will be released by Sega in the United States and Europe and by Nintendo in Japan. And I also neglected to mention that this is a landmark, as it is the first time Sonic and Mario will appear in the same game.

I am sooooooo going to buy this game.

[parody] Hopefully the Mushroom Kingdom won’t invade Afghanistan before the game is released, or else Sega might boycott the whole affair and deny Sonic “Ed Moses” Hedgehog his shot at the gold. [/1980 Olympics]

This sounds pretty cool, though. One of the very first video games I ever played was World Class Track Meet on the old NES, and I had a lot of fun with that one. It would be terrific to see another great console sports game that isn’t racing, baseball, basketball or football, and having it be a Super Smash Brothers-type deal is even better.

P.S.: this gives me a great idea for another sports game: an Olympics game which would combine the sports games element with a sort of RPG angle. You would play as an amateur athelete, and at the start would choose an event to focus on, then train and compete to gain experience and finally work your way into competing in the Olympic games, Winter or Summer. The game could also have a “classic” mode where you could visit and compete in actual former Olympic venues, and as famous athletes such as Carl Lewis, Bonnie Blair, Jean-Claude Killy, etc. Probably impossible in reality, but hey, I’d buy it. Then again, I’m a huge Olympics nerd, anyhow…