Mark Knopfler Tour - Anyone going? Anyone even care?

Mark Knopfler is going to tour the US. Anyone harbouring thoughts of going? Am I the only person under 30 who’ll be there? Or even knows who MK is?

No dates scheduled in Raleigh, so I might visit a friend in Boston for the July 4 weekend and catch it there. That is, if the cost of the airfare isn’t prohibitive. A friend of mine went to his concert in Bangalore this past winter and was raving about it. And my ex-roomies going to catch it in the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Coloraodo.
Man I miss Colorado. Heaven on Earth.

And it’s frustrating that MK is not playing in Raleigh.

I care. Dire Straights was pivotal to my teenage years. Unfortunately Mark’s website, has a blank tour page. Do you know if he’s getting to Phoenix?

Do you have a link to the tour dates?

Here’s the link. Closest to Phoenix is Vegas, LA or San Diego. It’s a very short tour, so there isn’t much choice. It’s probably one of the last few chances I’ll have of seeing MK playing live, so I’m pretty stoked about it.

I’d love to see the show, but he’s not going to be anywhere near me.

I saw MK not long ago here down under, and he was absolutely brilliant, even though he had a cold. He was in great spirits (considering), the band were unbelievable, and he played a stunning version of Telegraph Road, which brought back amazing memories. If you like the more folky/countryish side of his music, you won’t be disappointed, regardless of price (I paid $100 Australian = roughly $75 US for average seats).