Mark your calendars: NY MegaDopefest V – October 15-17, 2004

The doors of the House of Pain will be open.

Oh, I probably can’t go. But I’d like to try. Never been to NYC.

Well, there are no work-related things slated for that weekend (yet), so I’m probably good for it. Let’s see how the calendar develops…

There’s no hurry. Ginger has plenty of time.


Tentatively, I’ll go. I’ve heard good things about the past MegaDopeFests.

I didn’t say I was buying a car, though. :wink:

If no ride materializes, I’ll take the bus with you as long as you don’t talk the whole time. (I’ll be asleep, anyway.)

But perhaps we should get on Mnem and Daerlyn’s good sides.

May I tentatively stake a claim to a couch or a bit of floor space? I promise, no drama this year.

Yes. Though promises of no drama are not credible.

I may beg a spot as well - again, bringing no guests this time. Thank gawrd. Only tentative, too. Damnitall.


[li]Visiting Beantown Dopers can watch the Bosox get destroyed in AL playoffs live in the city that that will once again spell their demise.[/li][li]Less Clothing! More skin![/li][li]Cold beer doesn’t taste as good in January.[/li][li]No January reruns. People can go see a taping of Late Night @ the Ed Sullivan Theater.[/li][li]People will still have their summer bodies.[/li][li]Smokers can stand outside the bar without getting frostbite in the snow.[/li][li]Cosmo can make it![/li][li]The hacks don’t smell as bad in Autumn.[/li][li]Nature Lovers can see leaves in Central Park[/li][li]No Holiday season = lowered terror alert.[/li][/ul]

And it’s in October, close to Halloween, there could be a costume thingie.

Well, it was an idea, anyway.


Yeah, put me down for Friday and Satiddy nights. Maybe the wife and the older young’un, too, at least on Saturday. I’ll get back to ya.

Oh, JEEZ. :rolleyes:
According to an ultrasound this past week, the due date is now 10/28/04 rather than 11/04/04. Whatever, it’ll show up whenever it wants to show up. I would just like it to show up later than sooner.

I really do believe I will be able to make it in this time for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Although I live on the other side of the Hudson and I can commune each day I’d rather stay in the city. Anyone offering room for me to crash?

Scottevil gave me an idea – I’m wondering if a group trip to Avenue Q might be warranted…

Since the show won Best Musical, we’d have to start planning now, and collecting money, but it might be fun.

Ich bin ein Dopefester.


It ocurred to me today at work that I could write myself down to be off on October 15, and so I have! This way I can get to the festivities at a reasonable time, and spend all day prettifying myself for all you nice folk. :stuck_out_tongue: Super.

Oh, and bump so that more people can see this thread…in case they, uh, live under a rock or something.

Gah. I know I said I couldn’t make it, but already I’m feeling the pangs of regret. Move me to a maybe; I’ve got to see if I can finagle my schedule.

(Someone’s got to bring Hamadryad chocolate-covered espresso beans, after all)

[li]Less Clothing! More skin![/ul][/li][/QUOTE]
Is this possible?

We have written this date down. In INK!

You’re a genius. :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking “How am I going to get out of work at 5:30, go home and primp, and still get into the city at a reasonable hour?”

It’s the simplest solutions that elude us sometimes.