Mark your calendars: NY MegaDopefest V – October 15-17, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen, the New York City MegaDopefest Planning Committee is pleased to announce the scheduling of NY MegaDopefest V for the weekend of Friday, October 15 to Sunday October 17, 2004.

This is a major change from our four previous MegaDopefests, which have each been in January. We decided to make a change because the January weather has been, well, January weather. We thought we could better show off many of the great outdoor attributes and activities that the City has if we planned the Dopefest for a season with better weather.

Things are in the early planning stages, but we expect this Dopefest’s format to be similar to prior ones. We’ll kick off with a welcome gathering on Friday night. During the day on Saturday and Sunday, we’ll have smaller group cultural, recreational, educational, shopping and/or dining activities. Saturday night will be the MegaDopefest dinner and after-dinner gathering. And finally, on Sunday, we’ll probably have an ethnic food dinner and wind-down meet-up.

As the weekend gets closer, we’ll fill in the details, as well as provide travel and lodging suggestions. As usual we’re interested in hearing what potential attendees think about the plans.

And perhaps most importantly, the Committee has been informed that Saturday October 16 is National Feral Cat Day. An appropriate observance of this significant event will, no doubt, be planned.

Is it too early to say that I’m in? :slight_smile: Thank Og you guys decided on October - I’ll be starting student teaching in January & will be swamped, I’m sure.

Sadly, I don’t think I can be there in October. So, maybe I’ll send a proxy, but regardless, have a good time everybody; I’ll be thinking about you.

I’m definitely interested. Time will tell if I actually make it out this time or not.

In a word…

Our schedule is curretly dictated by something that weighs about a pound and is lodged in my belly. If all is well there, we will be in NYC!

I keep telling myself I got to get to an NYCDopefest. Hopefully this is the year I do.

I gotta say that the idea of being in New York for National Feral Cat Day after my last run in kind of makes me nervous. They won’t all be in parade or anything will they?

Put me down as a maybe pending work and feral cat status.

Alright, I’m going to try and actually make one this time. Keep us tuned. :slight_smile:

Hmm, NYC in October, you say? I’m going to talk my partner into it this year, finances permitting.

It’s very, very possible for me, provided I start saving early. I don’t see myself going off disability anytime soon (on which I make more than I did working), so the dates aren’t a problem. Canadian Thanksgiving is the weekend prior, so I won’t miss the family thing.

NotWithoutRage: Get that futon, hon. :wink: And no lottos this time.

The collection for NotWithoutRage’s futon begins today!

If it doesn’t work out, believe me, the floor is just fine. Like I said, I’ve slept on people’s floors at a couple of Dopefests.

And maybe by then I’ll have some demos of the show for you. :slight_smile:

NYC MegaDopefest I: No way to get to NYC (had no car and no money for plane ticket)
NYC MegaDopefest II: Clutch on my car died about a week before, so I couldn’t make it
NYC MegaDopefest III: SEVERE WEATHER PROBLEMS. My car was buried under several feet of snow.
NYC MegaDopfest IV: No money.
NYC MegaDopefest V: I don’t know yet, but clearly something will prevent me from attending.

In all seriousness, I should be able to make it. I will have a job at that point (assuming I don’t get fired in three months) so money won’t be an issue. I never have to work weekends, so the date isn’t an issue. I’m not gonna say I will be there, since every time I do that I have to cancel, but I should be there.


GingerOfTheNorht ate her alarm clock! a medic, fetch me a medic!!

Ooh, it is? Oh goodie! Then I may be able to go.

(And it’ll be the weekend of my birthday, too!)

A Gingerbaby! That’d be great!

I’ll still trying to figure out what happened this last Sunday night, when I went to Jack’s and no Dopers were within, but October sounds nice. Won’t be as goddamn cold, for one thing. And foliage!!

psy and I are kind of poor this year, but if I get hit by a Tyson’s Chicken truck and sue for a million dollars, we’ll be there.

I’ll probably be in the city anyway, looking to escape the stresses of LSAT prep. So I guess you can count me in.

I’ll need frequent reminders, because I forget things, but put me down as a tentative definite! :slight_smile: