You locked my ATMB thread with a comment that completely indicates you don’t accept the veracity of my previous post in the locked thread . I already did as you suggested in your cutoff post in the locked thread. I did private message a mod, Miller, several hours ago.

Like, what are you really up to here?

Make me look like an asshole ?

I did not imply anything about the veracity of your post. I did not do anything to make you look like an asshole. Let me quote the rules again, adding some emphasis:

You PMed a question to Miller. Wait for an answer. Do you get it now?

Note: replying to the OP, did not see Marley’s post.

Dude have a big steamy mug of lighten the hell up. That’s pretty much standard procedure for that kind of thing here, no personal insult intended.

I did not post an Inquiry

I did not post a question
I did not reference to thread in question. That was deliberate on my part. Can’t you fucken recognize that !

Fuck, you aren’t stupid. But your knee jerk reaction to anything that I post that remotely might suggesty criticism of mod actions is really pissing me off.
And its only you and tomndebb that gets me thinking that you have a problem with me. Get over it. I respect the job you guys are doing. Nobody is perfect. But whenever I feel impacted by mod decisions, right or wrong, you will hear about it. Get over it !

Sorry, TFD. I don’t see it.

You’re not covering yourself in glory here.

Given I respect your presence here big time, I appreciate your contribution. I’m not looking for glory,(nothing to suggest I can attain that around here) but I just don’t understand where I’m going wrong. Perhaps you might gently enlighten me.

The thing is that you are acting like Marley burning your dog or something. I see it as just a routine mod action, no harm no foul kinda thing.

What Marley posted here in response to your query is the basic standard boilerplate response that gets used frequently when someone asks where a thread got disappeared to.

The message was rote and explanatory and informative and used on dozens of people before you. And will probably be used on many more after this.

I don’t know where you’re getting this. I didn’t take it as a criticism. I thought you were asking what happened to the thread, and those issues are supposed to be handled in private. If you were just complaining that it sucks when a thread you are posting in disappears, then yes, it does. Sorry about the inconvenience. But the OP announced a couple of times that he was trolling and the staff decided to act on that.

Deleting the Vick thread wasn’t necessary, imo. Not that anybody cares.

Thankyou .

The thing is Quadgop, I had already mentioned that I entered an enquiry to a specific mod as Marley suggested. He clearly was expecting negativity beyond what I was willing to offer.

But let me be honest. I regret whenever I feel that my intentions are misinterpreted. My sense is that I have conditioned Marley to expect that I am a shit disturber. To some degree that might be true. But I always want to be appreciated by this community and that includes the mods. That is paramount. Yet whenever I get an “anti social” thought in my head, I’m going to present it. I can’t help that.

In this case, I have clearly gone all the way to show understanding for the administration position. I deliberately avoided to draw attention to a specific thread. I did feel it neccessary to make the mods aware what it feels like to make your SDMB contributions dissapear forever. I don’t think that deserves any admonishment whatsoever

Miller has now answered my question .

You’ve been here for ten years. For every minute of those ten years posters have been told never to start a thread about threads disappearing.

But you open one. And are given the standard boilerplate that everyone has gotten for ten solid years.

So you open a second thread complaining about the first thread. (Without a link. A ten-year-poster not bothering with a link because everybody should know every post you make in all your awesome wonderfulness.) With the implication that you were somehow personally singled out because you got the standard boilerplate which you should have known about for ten years.

And then you continue complaining that the mods have it in for you.

And you want to be appeciated by the community.

Your intentions were not misinterpreted. In this thread they were interpreted precisely and exactly. :rolleyes:

Your appeciation will be commensurate, I’m sure.

I did jump to a conclusion a bit as far as The Flying Dutchman’s reason for posting that other thread. My mistake. I wouldn’t say I assumed ill intent because there’s nothing wrong with asking what happened to a thread; we just ask that users handle those with a private message instead of a thread. But I can see my response came off more harshly than I intended it to.

Thankyou Marley, much appreciated.

Ewww, get a room :slight_smile:

Can we close this one now, or will someone come in and bitch about that?

Yes. :smiley:

I’ve closed this one as it would appear that every issue has been answered to everyone’s satisfaction. If I"m incorrect, email me and I’ll reopen(maybe).

samclem. Moderator