Marriage trouble, asking for prayers

My wife and I are having trouble in our marriage, I don’t want to go into details but please pray for us and our ability to stay together through our troubles.


Well… I don’t pray, but I’ll certainly send you good thoughts & keep my fingers crossed, if that’s okay with you.

Best wishes, kanicbird. I hope you find peace in your household.


Said a prayer for you. Hang in there and God bless.

Praying for you both…

May God hold you in the palm of his hands as you work through this difficult time…prayers your way.

Thanks to all that replied (and to those who prayed and didn’t reply)

I understand you don’t want to go into details, but since it seems you want to stay together with your wife, then I’ll send good thoughts your way.

Hang tough – prayers are on their way that you relationship finds renewal and refreshing

Prayers and good vibes being sent your way, best of luck…I hope turns out the way you want.