Married oral sex. Fiction?

I read this joke “Why does the bride do down the aisle with a smile on her face” Answer: Because she knows she’s given her last blow job.

So my question to the married folks. How many guys married for 3 years or with at least one kid still get any fellatio?

The key word in the OP is that you read a JOKE. JOKE!! I’m not married but I would say that that’s not true for a lot of married couples. And, from a woman’s POV, how often I give my SO a blow job isn’t likely to change drastically if we ever get married.

Do I get any? Well, yeah…

Do I get as much as before we were married (going on 14 years next week)? Well, no…

Do I want more? Do chickens pee?

Fiction. :smiley:

Just kidding. Fact, but if you ask my hubby, he’ll say it’s fiction, just to be difficult…(Just 'cause he doesn’t get it every time he thinks he should…)

Been married for 21yrs and counting; 2 kids, now teens.

He gets it even more now than he used to. <Well, until he left for overseas that is.>
Details? Nunya.

FWIW, I never got any when I was married.
I begged a lot, but never got any.
Pitiful, when you think about it.

Including myself that’s:

Getting 4
Not getting 2

Responses too little to be meaningful yet, but I’m surprised, I thought it’d be 100% no! I guess the wifey did it in order to get married, and then quit once it served it’s purpose!

Married almost 6 years. Still getting it.

Married oral sex is not fiction or even particularly rare. I have been married 11 years.

He still gets it :slight_smile:

So do I, for that matter :smiley:

26 years. Yes.

Still gettin’ it, and gettin’ it BETTER than EVER, man! Gonna go get it right NOW, too. Gonna return the favor, and make sure I KEEP gettin’ it. Thirteen years of matrinonial bliss, and we’re both still chasin’ each other around the sofa.

14 years, 3 kids, and still enjoying oral relations.

Ya…we talk a lot with family.

The frequency isn’t the same (3 kids does that to ya) but it still happens.

And Bluesman once AGAIN proves the Air Force is better than the Navy…


Mrs. Chef gets as much head as ever. I don’t even get it on my birthday. Mmmrph.

  • Off we go into the Wild Blue Yonder, flying high into the sun,

    Down we dive spouting a flame from under,

    At 'er boys, give 'er the gun…*

You didn’t think that song was about flying, did you?

Not when she has a boyfirend.

Still getting and giving! :smiley:

Married 5 years. We both still get it. Frequency is down slightly, but only because we set the bar very high when we were just living together.