Married women and last names

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They have them.

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My wife uses her maiden name for her “career” needs. She uses maiden name hyphen my last name for legal stuff. She uses my last name for people she wants to blow off.

I answered even though my intended died before we tied the knot.

I would’ve taken his surname, because it was hyphenated and sounded much posher than mine. And his surname and mine sounded good together.

Had it been “Lipschitz”, no, I would have kept mine. And I would not have hyphenated had his surname been hilarious awful, because my surname is a homophone with an adjective.

We got married after being together 24 years so we kept our own names. I have a wife, not a husband.

When I got married, it was extremely rare for a woman to keep her own name, and I took my husband’s. I’m not sure what I’d do now.

This is very funny - my wife and I were discussing this just the other day. We’ve been married 16 years and she kept her maiden name, which is obviously Jewish. My grandfather anglicized the family name in the 1930’s to a shortened version. My wife said if it had been the traditional version, she might have agreed to a name change.

BTW, Lipschitz was my paternal grandmother’s maiden name!

After nearly 30 years of having my name mispronounced and misspelled, it was a pleasure to take a last name that was so simple! We jokingly talked about him taking my name instead, but we went all traditional and I’m good with that. Hyphenated would have been weird - I’d have sounded like a building annex or something. :confused:

I changed mine when I got married a couple of decades ago, and kept it when I divorced, because it seemed easier with the kid. It was just what you did then.

Were I to get married for the first time now, I wouldn’t change it.

My wife took mine when we got married 8 years ago.

My wife uses her maiden name as her middle name.

My wife took my name, but mostly because she wanted to get rid of her ex-husband’s name (which she took long ago).

I do this also - just as my mother has done for over 63 years,

I have a hyphenated last name on Facebook mainly so old high school friends can find me.

I’ve been Mrs. Ivylad longer than I’ve been Miss Ivylass.

I kept mine mostly just because I really like it–I’ve always liked it better than my first name, and in a lot of situations people call me by my last name, or a diminutive of it.

That said, in the years since, I’ve developed a political preference for keeping it, as well. I’ve had stronger emotional reactions than I thought I would get, both positive and negative, and I’ve come to realize that for a lot of people, it is a Statement, either way. Since I apparently have to make a statement one way or the other, I’m glad I made this one.

We combined our last names into one and both changed our names. It worked for us since we both had simple, short last names.

Yeah - I didn’t see any reason why I should change it, so I didn’t.

Among my friends I’d say it’s about 50-50 keeping/changing.

I voted on my wife’s behalf. She uses my last name on Facebook but has retained her own for all other purposes. She was originally going to take mine, but never got around to filing the paperwork; in this state you get a free name change up to one year of a marriage or divorce, and by the time she got around to it the year was up. It was like $380 to do it at that point and I didn’t care, so she kept her own name.

I grew up with one of those long, unpronounceable, impossible-to-spell surnames. As a little girl I never dreamed about my wedding or the man I would marry. The one definite thought I had about the whole business was that it would be nice if his name was short.

Grew up. Found a man whose last name was a single-syllable common noun. Married him. Changed my name. Score.

Pepper Mill kept her last name. She said that she walked around for a day saying her first name and my last name together, savoring the sound, and decided it wasn’t for her. To be fair, her first name and my last almost rhyme, so I can see her reasons.

And for what it’s worth, two of my female friends also kept their maiden names. In one case, switching hers would have ruined the sound, I agree. In the other case, she got divorced, and I like her maiden name much better.

As far as I’m concerned, ladies can use whatever name they want.