Marshmallow Fluff

I just discovered Fluff as a food. I always knew it was there for making fudge and my fruit dip, but never gave it an additional thought. Just yesterday, I had a Fluffernutter sandwich for the very first time. I’m 37. How did I not experience this sooner? I’ve have a lot of catching up to do.

So other than eating it with a spoon in front of the TV, what are some other Fluff applications that are simple with just a few ingredients?

What’s your fruit dip recipe? I have a fruit dip recipe that uses it too. Maybe yours is yummier!

Other than that, I got nothin’. Fruit dip is the only thing I’ve known for the fluff.

Just mix a 7 oz jar of Fluff with 8 oz of cream cheese. Then dip dip dip!

I once saw a vegan version of marshmellow fluff I can’t recall the name though.

Anyone know that. Not that I’m a vegan, I just thought it was interesting the way the store carried it.

Rice krispies treats and quick s’mores

Ha! I almost posted this exact same thread about 6 months ago. My friend was over, and my TV happened to be on the Food Network- and they had a little 5 minute deal about the Fluff Festival held somewhere east (I don’t remember)

My friend, a former East Coaster, reminisced about how she missed Fluff. I commented that she could go buy marshmallow creme from any store, and she about blew a gasket. She called some friends on the East Coast who sent her a few jars. She then came to my house and made me my first Fluffernutter sandwich.

I was hooked.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get out west… so I am forced to make my basically the same thing but not quite the 100% right homemade version. (Which, I must say, made some awesome fudge)

I am going to have to try the fruit dip… it never occured to me to do anything but fluffernutter’s and fudge.

But count me with the OP- I’m 33 years old, and about 6 months ago, had marshmallow fluff for the first time.

Fun fact about Kraft Marshmallow Fluff:

If you have a basically empty jar of it, with just the ]barest trace of it in a little ring around the bottom of the jar, you can put said jar in the microwave for twenty seconds and, Hey Presto, you’ve got a full jar of Kraft Marshmallow Fluff which is good for several more applications.

(Learned in 1984, while hoping to be able to melt that last little bit and pour it out.)

On vacation with my wife’s aunt, she taught us how to make marshmallow ice cream topping by mixing corn syrup and fluff. Blew my mind.

Peanut butter and marshmallow! mmmmmmmm!

Mix Fluff with some chocolate chips and microwave for a few seconds. Spread on graham crackers for instant s’mores. Or leave out the graham crackers and eat from the bowl.