"Marvel Legends" figures you'll never see

Glancing over the lists for this year’s planned “Marvel Legends” figure lines, I briefly wondered if they were starting to get to the bottom of the barrel of characters.

Then I realized how unfair that was…there are plenty of Marvel characters that aren’t going to get figures anytime soon. (And in some cases, it’s probably for the best.)

Anyway, my point is…does anyone else have any ideas for Legends figures that they’ll never make? Maybe it’s a perfectly good character that just doesn’t lend themselves to the medium; maybe it was an awful character that everyone just tries to forget; maybe it’s one that you’d love to see in plastic, just for the sheer weirdness value.

My picks?

•Aunt May (With removable hip and over seven points of articulation!)
•Hate-Monger (Might be a bit tricky to market, if the hood comes off. It’s Super Hitler!)
•Scarlet Spider (Aw, who am I kidding?)
•Night Nurse (Then again, maybe it’d work. Maybe.)
•Secretary of Defence Tony Stark (With action briefcase! Still, better than “strapped to a bed in rehab Tony Stark” or “lying in an ICU bed after open heart surgery Tony Stark”)
Turner D. Century
•Leo Zelinsky (Super-tailor)
“Clark Kent”
So…anyone have any more ideas?

Leather Boy

Brother Voodoo. Wish he would make the cut but he’s not exactly A-list. He’s not even B-list. But I’d rather have him in my collection instead of another Wolverine.

Howard the Duck. We must prove to the younger generations that while the movie was NOT canon!!!

I still want a sulky Howard painted on the back of my leather jacket with “Trapped in a World He Never Made!” emblazoned properly…


Heh. You rang?

You sure about that?

David Letterman

Turner D. Century. Or anyone Scourge offed, for that matter.

They actually made a super-articulated Scarlet Spider back in 2001 – a repaint in the Spider-Man Classics line, back when they came on the plastic clamshell cards a la Marvel Legends.

The Fabulous Frog-Man.
The Spectacular Spider-Kid.

Just get a Toad figure in there and you can recreate The Misfits!

The Inedible Bulk

Make way for… Humbug!!!
…or don’t.

Oh, Hell…how could I forget Squirrel Girl?

Or maybe Razorback?

I am happy to say I grabbed up the Monsters set, figures of (Tomb of) DRACULA (Lives), THE MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN, WEREWOLF (by Night), and (Tales of the) ZOMBIE! (Parenthesed material was the titles of their comics/mags- Drac having the comic ToD & the mag DL- yes, he got two compared to the others
getting one because of course, he IS Dracula!)

But where is Morbius the Vampire? (Who appeared in another Marvel monsters mag VAMPIRE TALES as well as the Spider-Man comics)
Yep- Classic Monsters Geek.

Now that Hasbro is taking over Marvel Legends doubt we’ll see much of anything other than Spiderman, Wolverine and the Hulk variants.

Ask me a year ago and I’d say Brother Voodoo has an excellent shot of being made.
Oddly enough I could have see them doing an exclusive Aunt May figure.

Arnin Zola probably won’t be made. I don’t think we’ll ever see Angar the Screamer although I’d love a hippie villain action figure.

How about a multi-box set of all ‘Wasp’ figures - with each costume she’s ever worn?

ROM Spaceknight

I like that last one! You could put a little door in his chest for life-like heart surgery action!

Kangaroo. With super hopping action.

"No one laughs at Mr. Fish!"

Or The Spot, or I’d love to have a figure of the Griffin!