Marvel's Agents of Shield - season 3 questions (maybe Spoilers...)

I’d like to ask about season 3 - please excuse me if these questions have been answered in other threads (I did try looking!)

  1. I’m in the UK where Channel 4 screens Agents of Shield. Any idea when season 3 will be screened over here?

  2. Has there been any announcement when season 3 will be released on DVD?
    (I found that having series 1 +2 on DVD enabled me to follow the plotlines much better. :cool:)

  3. Is Melinda May returning in season 3?
    (I got the feeling she was heading off for personal reasons…)

  4. Is there going to be a spin-off starring Lance and Bobbi?
    (I really like those two :slight_smile: )

  1. It’s only up to episode 3 being broadcast in the USA, so not for quite a while.

  2. Yes.

  3. It was on, then off, then on again, I think. Currently they’re both in active plots in AoS, but at least one is on a plot line that could easily morph into their own show.

Season 2 was just released on DVD back in September, and season 1 in the September of the previous year, so I’d assume season 3 would be released somewhere around September 2016, assuming they actually release it on DVD at all, as by then they might have sadly decided to go to all digital subscription. Not saying I’ve read anything about that, just that it’s a possibility.

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

Sorry to dredge up a zombie, but in case the OP isn’t aware, season 3 started in the UK tonight. It’s on E4 this time, not Channel 4, and I assume available on demand.