Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

How do you spend the single apparently extremely valuable poker chip? Do you need to bring a wheelbarrow for your change?

I’m new to the show. I am on Episode 20 of season 1. I avoided this show for some reason, just like I am doing with Jessica Jones. I thought “how interesting could a bunch of fucking non-super hero humans be?”.

I was mistaken. I’ve binge watched every other Marvel product aside from the aforementioned Jessica Jones…wow.

Agents of Shield is a fine show, and I am hooked. I was, as I so often am in this life, wrong.

I don’t care if it ties to some larger story or the MCU or whatever. I’m enjoying the hell out of this.

The communications device might be a real radio, or a slightly modified one. The frequency was ~51MHz, or in the 6m amateur radio band.

Brian, N9IWP

Yo-Yo was improvising in the face of an imminent threat to her team. It’s somewhat reasonable to assume the SHIELD folks thought the penalty for having a gun was being thrown in the pokey, not exile to near certain death on the surface. They are still learning the rules of the society.

Quite a few people bring this up, once they get out of the weeds in season 1. This show sets the bar for almost all other shows, that admittedly are on the CW network. If AoS were half an hour longer, they would be sunday movie of the week.

I agree. I am now close to halfway through season 2 and I can’t stop watching it. The trials and tribulations of Agent Coulson and his crew are utterly addicting, as is the ongoing elements of betrayal and Hydra. What a great show!

Speaking of which (and remember I am early on in the series), what is everyone’s favorite character? I used to think it was the combo of Fitz and Simmons with their awkward almost romance and near telepathic ability to read each other, but now…I’m going with Agent May. Her inscrutable personality, care for Coulson and fighting skills have decided for me that she’s the shit. Plus she pilots that badass plane with six (!!!) engines on it, stealth capability, and vertical takeoff and landing. That plane (“The Bus”) is so super cool.

If that’s all the furthest you’ve gotten, be careful in these threads. There’s lots of twists ahead.

BTW, I heartily suggest seeing Jessica Jones. It is harrowing, and I don’t know if I want to see it again, but it is excellent.

You have not reached yet the Greatness that is Bobbie, so great is the character that it was recognized on another show as the goddess that she is.

I’m definitely going to watch Jessica Jones, mostly based on what I have read here. I’m a Netflix Marvel junkie and I am almost out of Dope.


I have met her. She’s hot, a badass and super competent, but I find her arguments with her ex-husband, the English dude, johnny-what’s-his-name, to be annoying. Same as the mole on her forehead. It’s like the neckhole on Jenny in House Of Cards. Distracting.

S03 E05 “Rewind”

Well, as the title suggests we go back to the night the rest of the team was abducted and sent to the future, but this time we follow what Fitz has been up to for the last 70+ years. Good episode with a surprise return of a character we haven’t seen in a while! Too bad a certain other character didn’t show up as well.

An interesting development with the ‘alien observer’ guy. Are his kind an established race in Marvel comics? He reminds me a lot of September, one of the ‘Observers’ from the show Fringe.

We also have a new military antagonist it seems.

Looks like Fitz is tapping into the dark side of himself he found in the Framework.

I think that lady General is an LMD and is being controlled by dude whose head is in a glass jar and this is our introduction to the second arc of the season. Solid episode all round, cept for the soccer stuff lol.

Great episode. The hugs, the ferrets, bitching about soccer, all of it. And the shout out to Star Wars is possibly my favorite TV moment of 2017.

He’s kind of like the Watcher, but different backstory.

There’s a whole race of Watchers, Uatu is just the most familiar due to his interactions with the FF and hosting What If?

Did you see the crate containing the Ark of the Covenant?

Yes! When that happened, I had to rewind and watch it again to make sure I’d heard them correctly. So funny!

Something that only just came to me after watching the Fitz episode: there’s no way Daisy destroyed the Earth. She wasn’t there. She disappeared in 2017 and reappeared 74 years later. So something else did it and blamed her for it.

Her name is Skye, dammit!


Remind those of us who may have missed or forgot the SW shout out.