Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Yeah, there’s a whole lot we don’t know now, but I wasn’t expecting to get all of the answers right away. A lot of the dialogue implied that there were people who live outside the bunker (otherwise why would they need to be snuck in?) I assume that will get explored soon.

I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m seeing so far. S.H.I.E.L.D in space is fun, and the range of reactions from self-awareness (Mac) to business as usual (May) and everything in-between is highly amusing.

One particular detail I liked, especially after being turned off by the new Blade Runner movie, was the idea of a gender-agnostic dystopia. Men and women are evaluated on productivity only. They fight among themselves as equals when they’re punished for underperforming. And when that alien overlord took a slave, he made it clear he was judging on beauty and not gender… which in my opinion ended up being even creepier than the stereotypical sex-slave narrative.

I think this is a feature not a bug. Avengers 3 will probably lead to huge changes which they can work around without having to scramble.

I really enjoyed this episode and having it be the future was inspired.

Yep. I want agenting. And Shielding. I want to see the characters involved in the superhero universe, not the framework or space.

I was downright bored in this premier.

Because if there are two things that you never see in superhero universes, it’s evil mirror dimensions (which is what the Framework essentially was, in story terms) and space travel.

But that’s not this show. I’d argue that it never really was, but it certainly hasn’t been since the middle of season 2 (the reveal of the Inhumans).

I’m watching, and will continue to watch, but I admit that this season’s start has left me a little cold. The best part (besides some great lines by Mack) was the postcard from Fitz.

BTW, why wasn’t Fitz on the list? Who is the alien (?) who led the team to send the SHIELD folks to the future? How did Quake destroy the earth?

I don’t like the new setting so far but I’ll give it a chance. It took me several months to watch the second or third episode last season because it seemed like mostly Daisy and Ghost Rider.

I had completely forgot to set up my DVR so had to wait a few days to find it on On-Demand and catch up. Okay start so far, not the direction I was expecting when we saw the little teaser of them being in space at the end of last season, but I’m still willing to see where it goes. Ghost Rider was a bit of a slow start for me last season but I ended up loving it overall.

Same here - it’s been clear for awhile now that the movies are ignoring the show, and so I think the show is best left to its own devices and not trying to really tie into the MCU at large (though part of me still hopes for a cameo in Infinity War). I’m actually fine with this being the last season, as I think the show has had a good run and I’d rather it go out on a high point.

I liked it well enough, I guess. It’s natural for them to want to do something completely different.

However, I have a complaint with their writing. Spoilered:

[Spoiler]When Daisy/Quake is being confronted about having destroyed the Earth…it’s like the writer(s) are unaware of what’s dramatic about the reveal, and they. keep. talking. afterward.

Paraphrasing, but it went vaguely like this:

“That’s all that’s left. The Earth was…Quaked. YOU did this. To Earth. With your powers. How do you feel about that? Because you totally did it. There’s not much left. Look at that willya? It was YOU. Go figure. Have a nice guilt trip. It was your fault all along. SHIELD has a lot to answer for – especially you. Because 30 seconds later, you still did it. Just like when I said it earlier.”[/Spoiler]

Jesus, does that guy ever stop talking? When there’s a dramatic reveal, SHUT UP and break for commercial, or in this case, better to end the episode on such a cliffhanger. Don’t keep rambling. Especially when you’re repeating what you just said. Except slightly paraphrased. It’s dull. Also, it detracts from the drama of the big reveal. So don’t do it! Writing 101. See what I mean?

Took me about a week but I finally caught up to.

Look, here’s the thing about SHIELD, it’s the ultimate roller coaster show. Pretty much every season there’s a time I’m watching where I’m saying “God, this is stupid, I’m giving it, like, 2 more episodes.” But then 2 episodes later it gets so damn good I’m dying to see the next episode. And the good episodes outweigh the bad by a lot.

Because of this, I’m never giving up on the show until ABC pulls it. When will that be? No idea. If I had to make a guess, this show has this season and one more MAX. Go to the Avengers franchise is over, then it’s gone. If that happens I will definitely be sad because I love this little show and want it to continue.

Oh well.

This season seems interesting. I can’t imagine it’s going to be all that particularly compelling from a plot standpoint because it’s going to have maybe two sets in it total (the ship and the Framework bar), but there are a lot of questions I’m perfectly happy waiting to hear the answers to.

I’ll keep this thread alive by my self if I have to!! ABC is eventually going to kill this show, I won’t let this board kill it to.

Saw ep 2 (well, 3 I guess) yesterday.

The only thing that really strikes me about this season so far is the implausibility of it all. And not a “they’re in space surrounded by blue people” implausibility, but a “If Yo-Yo move so fast that the bald dude doesn’t notice her running off, then how does she slow herself down enough to open a cabinet and steal the FutureiPad?” I guess I’ll chalk that up to superhero nonsense.

I also don’t understand how the group that’s dressed completely different than anybody else there, and that no one has ever seen before can waltz around the ship without anyone asking who they are or where they came from.

Lastly, is there anyone in the world who watches this show that honestly believes that Powerless Discount Sparky guy betrayed Daisy and all that? That it isn’t some ploy? He kind of said as much by saying “Playing the long game” but still…

Ok that’s out of the way. Good things! The dialogue in this season has been top-notch, better than most. I don’t know if they got a new writing staff or what, but the dialogue is some of the best it’s been. Mac is still the best character they have and plays the audience stand-in very very well. I can’t wait to see Fitz either.

Anyone else? Thoughts? Comments?

I’m actually liking this story line. We finally resaw the scene that we saw at the end of last season.

Not convinced Light Weight Han Solo guy is evil. I think this is a bigger plan to help Daisy.

I am enjoying the situation Gemma is in. I am curious to see how she gets out of it. Although it was unpleasant to see a young girl get beat up like that.

I liked this episode better than the first. So they can’t let the girl kill the henchman that went along on the trawler to spy on them, but they can plant a gun on him and get him killed that way? :dubious: That’s just killing him with more steps.

In fairness, it was Yoyo that framed him, and she wasn’t part of that conversation. Mack looked pretty unhappy when he realized what was going to happen.

Aren’t Kree basically alien superhumans?

Yet Daisy, without use of her powers, can take on not one, but TWO of them in hand-to-hand combat?

Yeah, no

IIRC the SHIELD crew played along pretty well, I guess it’s ok to kill someone indirectly but not directly. Standard comic trope I suppose.

Yeah the strength of the Kree seems to vary very widely.

Eh, I feel like this can reasonably be hand waved. First of all, as an Inhuman (even if she’s only half-Inhuman), it could be argued that Daisy canonically has slightly above-normal-human strength; even if she wasn’t born with it, she’s probably been stronger than a normal human woman her size since Terrigenesis.

Second of all, according the OHOTMU, the average “mook” Kree is canonically roughly twice as strong as the average Terran but, based on the same source material, it’s also canon that Kree can’t breathe the same air as Terrans, without assistance. So it’s not necessarily unreasonable to conclude that whatever Phlebotinum allows for the Kree on the station to breathe the same air as the Terrans also results in diminishing their strength?

All that said, I’ll stipulate that the portrayal has been pretty inconsistent; not unlike MCU Captain America, or Jessica Jones, she’s probably as strong as the plot needs her to be, in that moment.

Well, it’s another “holding pattern” season, in which none of the action takes place in the “real” world, so its unaffected by whatever takes place in the films. I gather this will be wrapped up before the April 25 release of Infinity War and the next season, if there is one, will make a few token comments on the events in that film and possibly the Black Panther and Ant-Man/Wasp films.

Kinda bugged me that Daisy got taken so easily. She didn’t even try to shatter the glass walls or, for that matter, the regular walls, or the floor. Wouldn’t that likely be her go-to move in the face of any sudden obstacle?

Apparently the Kree have been dealing with inhumans for quite a while, what ever gas they used robbed Daisy of her powers. Now that we know Kassius for some reason, after he gets the cash for Daisy is going to destroy whats left of humanity, so the gloves come off and the Shield team gets Kinetic. I presume that when everything resolves itself and just before everyone goes home, they form Sword with Abbie and the station cast of characters.