Marvel's Thor. Issue #85 the Last Thor?

I’ve been out of comics for a while (mid-90’s) but my interest in Marvel was regenerated after I read the Earth X series of books. My favourite character was always Thor so I started to pick up some back issues and get back into the swing of things. Now it appears that Thor #85 will be the last Thor ever? They are killing off the character and ending the series. Is this true? Is this because sales have slumped? Any insight would be most appreciated. Thanks.

[No, they’re killing off minor characters as part of theAvengers Disassembled Event. Thor isn’t a strong seller, but they still list it with the subscription sales titles; if they cancel it again, it’s probably with the idea of a re-numbered revamp a few months down the line. They’re doing the same thing with a number of Avengers-related titles.

My understanding was that there will be no #86. They would not, however, continue to sell subscriptions if that were the case. Thanks.

A likelier result would be “Thor Vol. 3 #1.” That’s what they’re doing to Avengers and Captain America.

So the series will be relaunched with a new Thor? Perhaps his son Magni? I do, however, hope they get rid of Jake Olson. Enough with the human alter-egos already!

The general pattern is, they do a “Back to Basics” reboot, renumber the series, and eventually pretend that the embarrassing crap that dragged them under never happened. Witness Punisher since Garth Ennis began writing it, ** Green Arrow** from the Kevin Smith series, or Green Lantern about a year from now.

Meaning they disregard everything that happened over the previous couple of years? Forgive my ignorance but I have been away from comics for so long that I have no idea what they did to the Punisher. In Thor’s case would this mean an end to the Odinforce saga and our hero is back on earth again?

I think so. Whatever they do next, it’ll strongly resemble Jack Kirby. Otherwise, if they don’t publish it again within a year, any company that wants to can do their own version and call it “Thor,” since the ancient myths are well in the public domain.

Thank you Krokodil. I just signed up for a subscrition to Thor and pulled out all my old Thor back issues (over 300!). My S/O thinks I am nuts and she’s probably right. A return to the Kirbyesque Thor is just what I want to see. Old fashioned “god speak” and some serious arse kicking. Thor has always been the most powerful marvel superhero (imho) and he should have beaten Superman to a pulp (God of Thunder forgets to use lightning…cough, cough). At least that crossover got me back into comics which may or may not be a good thing.