The "All-New, All-Different Marvel". A few questions. (Spoilers a-ok)

I’m only reading a few of the books, but a few things have me stumped. If they’ve been explained, can someone tell me?

  1. It’s been like 3 or 4 years since that Nick Fury murders the Watcher because reasons series. In it, Thor lost the ability to pick up the Hammer* because…more reasons. So has it ever been explained why he stopped being worthy?

  2. There’s a bunch of immigrants to Earth 616–particularly Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles). Do we know what he knows? In other words, does he know he’s on a new world for him? Or has his past been rewritten so he thinks he was always here? (which would make no sense at all on at least two levels–his origin doesn’t fit at all with 616’s origin and he became Spidey to honor Ultimate Peter…who died.) Do we know what Miles knows about being an immigrant?

  3. Similar question: do we know what the government, the people in general, etc know? Were their memories Crisised? If so, does Miles’s mommy have a valid Social Security number (for example)? If not, how are all the immigrants getting processed? What do 616 people remember about Battleworld (if anything)?

Any answers would be appreciated.
*Although, at one point he was running around just before Secret Wars with the hammer of “Thorr”–and…yeah, I’ve read Journey into Mystery 83 and get the reference but…what??? Where’d he get the “Thorr” hammer? (Title and issue numbers would be great)

God, I hate soft reboots. Go all the way or stop messing with continuity, people.

In general, the post-Secret Wars books started in media res “8 months after the event.” So in several books there are “how did we get here?” moments, that we have to hope will be addressed via flashback.

  1. They haven’t revealed what made Thor unworthy yet. It’s inconceivable to me that Jason Aaron won’t tell us how it happened. I suspect he wants to give us a good Jane Foster period before we get back to the Odinson (think Brubaker’s Bucky Barnes jouney in Captain America).

  2. If I recall correctly, Miles is one of the few people who knew what really went down. He was one of a small band that survived the incursion event and helped reset the universe. After an act of kindness towards the Molecule Man (whose power is central to fixing the universe), he brought his parents back to life and gave them passage into the Marvel Universe. He remembers it all.

  1. Most of the denizens of the Marvel Universe believe that the heroes saved the world at the last minute (though unspecified means) and that Reed, Sue, Franklin, and Valeria Richards and the rest of the Future Foundation kids gave their lives to save the universe.

(Regarding Thorr’s hammer): Thorr was an evil version of Thor from a different universe (introduced in Hickman’s Avengers #25). The “unworthy” Odinson from our world picked it up a few months later in #New Avengers #27.

Marvel relaunched titles with new #1s post-Secret Wars. Nobody got rebooted, soft, hard or otherwise. Everything that happened before Secret Wars still happened.

So it’s not a soft reboot, but a fake reboot? Good to know.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I wanted to know. One other question:

Deadpool, somewhere along the line, went from another boring dumbass '90s character to a huge breakout fan favorite. What happened and where? (and isn’t he aware that he’s in a comic book?)

I believe Maker, the bad guy Reed Richards, from the Ultimate Universe, also remembers Battleworld and knows he is on a new Earth.

Deadpool has been a fan favorite for nearly two decades now.
Joe Kelly is REALLY the guy who made Deadpool a popular character (Liefeld and to some extent Nieceza get credit but…). He was the original writer on the first Deadpool series starting in 1998. He established the tone of the character. So he was a hardcore fan favorite for years before getting some mainstream merch and then exploded in the mid 2000s.

I’m sure Fury just wanted to mess with his head and did it by planting a seed of doubt: “You’re not worthy.” Thor felt unworthy and that’s all it took. When he used Thorr’s hammer later, that doubt went away–at a very bad time.

Remember the time Batman assembled a dossier on the weaknesses of all the JLA members and how to exploit them? Fury did essentially the same thing as a full-time job.