Marvin Hamlisch dead at 68

A great songwriter is gone.

Lisa Loopner is inconsolable today!

Barbra Streisand is probably also deep in grief - they were good buddies and he would often work/appear with her.

Chorus Line was an amazing show, with so many great songs that went on to become classics. A very talented man, and hope some of the songs he was working get to see the light of day in other shows/productions!

I was surprised to learn that he wrote the music for The Spy Who Loved Me - which is funkier than I remember, with loads of cowbell, e.g. the ski jump at the beginning.

And he’s just been working with Jerry Lewis on a musical version of The Nutty Professor - just opened in Nashville.

A very rare quadruple award winner - Oscar, Tony, Grammy and Emmy.

I’ll always remember him for popularizing Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer.”

Streisand’s statement

Hamlisch was also the composer of Leslie Gore’s Hit “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.” He will be missed.

This news is truly a loss to the music industry. His various compositions over the years will never be forgotten.

To learn more about his works and accomplishments, read the article:

Spammer reported.

I wonder what became of Steve Garvey’s daughters. (When Cyndy Garvey left California in 1981, she took the girls, then aged 8 and 6, with her, and went to New York to shack up with Hamlisch. For years after that, when Steve Garvey was with a team playing in Shea Stadium, people in the stands would holler, "Hey, “Steve! Where’s your wife?” :mad: )
On the splash panel opening Mad’s satire of The Sting, In the background is a building with adjoining windows reading, “Scott Joplin, Music.” “Marvin Hammisch, Exploiter.”

Just to show you not everyone admires him.

“Reductus In Pulvis”—Ambrose Bierce

IIRC, Steve Garvey was a serial womanizer and adulterer, and that is why his wife left him. In fact she very successfully parlayed her victimhood into at least one book, a radio talk show and IIRC a regular role on one of the morning t.v. talk shows. In other words she lived off the fame that their divorce created for a good many years afterward.

I had a job in the early ninties that required me to spend quite a bit of time on the road and I used to listen to her on the radio quite a bit at that time. She came off as something of an emotional shipwreck about it even then. I feel kind of sorry for Hamlish that she wound up with him, however he was a sharp guy and perhaps he was able to be good for her.

At any rate Hamlish did not steal or “exploit” Garvey’s wife. Steve drove her off all on his own.

I did not say that Hamlisch exploited Cyndy Garvey. He exploited Scott Joplin. Joplin’s music was in the public domain, which meant Hamlisch didn’t have to pay royalties.
As for Steve Garvey, Cyndy had recourse through the legal system–attorneys, police, the courts. If Steve committed a crime, she merely needed to make a criminal complaint against him. If they were divorced–fine and dandy. Instead, she decided to go to New York and cohabit, in a setting of questionable suitability for those daughters (and at most Hamlisch was a co-respondent). If there was no divorce she could have been charged with a federal offense–I’d have to check USCA on that one.
Besides, the taunts hurled at Steve in Shea Stadium don’t help and they convince me that there has been a strong sentiment of hate for Garvey, irrespective of court verdicts. If I had been in Hamlisch’s position, I would have told Cyndy Garvey to go to hell.

I had the honor of meeting him a few years ago. He conducted a concert in which I sang in the chorus. He was really giving his all right up til the end though. I don’t think I’ve ever met a busier person.

Hamlisch was one of only 11 people to have won all four of entertainment’s top awards–Tony, Emmy, Oscar and Grammy.