Marxism on the sdmb, How To Overthrow A Government

Well my Mom did not raise no idiot!

I must be the oldest and wisest poster on the SDMB for me to see posters minds being corrupted.

I started this new thread because my point(s) seem to just get lost in all the propaganda in the political debates.

The thread “Who wants the United States to fail in Iraq? “

**and the thread “The Bush Family is a Cancer on America “

have opened my eyes to what will be chronicled as the most disgusting and despicable pollution of young minds in American history. This pollution is insidious and conniving and I think planned and orchestrated. Posters must be ever vigilant of its intoxicating effects.

Marxism is fallacious on its face. Marxism is rampant on the SDMB GD and posters are being brain washed . I will illustrate my claims by putting them in a broader context.

How To Overthrow A Government
How To Overthrow A Party
STEP 1 - Find some opposition…ANY opposition in the country. Liberals have been selected! Specifically the 18 to 29 year old demographic.

STEP 2 - Come up with some reasons that the current government must go. The reasons could be true or not, that is irrelevant. A popular one to use would be, Bush is Bad, which goes well with number 4, below.

**STEP 3 - Buy and/or infiltrate significant media outlets. Use these outlets to whip up a broader backlash against the leaders. **

I offer you as evidence the focusonz posts in “The Bush Family is a Cancer on America “

I offer you as further evidence the focusonz posts in “The Bush Family is a Cancer on America“

**STEP 4 - Meanwhile, use overt and covert means to destabilize the economy and proletariat. Consider the ECOfuels issue (food), global warming issue(capitalism), and gas prices and Wall Street bailout (economy) are destabilizing. **
STEP 5 - Infiltrate some unions. Internet community message boards are good.

I offer you as further evidence the Der Trihs post in **“Who wants the United States to fail in Iraq? “ **

Is it not odd that posters attempt to remove from you, your religion and your nationalism at every opportunity. It goes way beyond odd it is a blatant manipulation, intimidation, and terror based on the Marxist thesis that the bourgeois have instilled in you religion and nationalism in order to make you more docile and easier to exploit economically, and is a form of that false consciousness.
Certain posters are the The Thought Police who are self appointed to uncover and punish thought crime and thought-criminals, using psychology and omnipresent surveillance to find and eliminate members of the Internet community who were capable of the mere thought of challenging the Marxist and anti-capitalistic doctrine.

Now certain posters are a cadre of Bolsheviks (or “the Majority”) as an organization of professional revolutionaries .

I offer you as further evidence the** focusonz** post in “Who wants the United States to fail in Iraq? “

To which Der Trihs has not defended but one of the cadre did respond as below

This was an attempt to defang the argument by claiming the original statement was sarcasm so that the proletariat would dismiss it.
**STEP 6 - Stage some opposition rallies. **

**STEP 7 - Ramp up the anti-government rhetoric from the media outlets you control. Be completely outrageous. Call for demonstrations. Slander government officials. Do whatever it takes. The goal is now not just to spread negative information about the government but to force a response **

Let the truth be known that the following cadre of posters
Elucidator , Gozu , MrDibble , Der Trihs, gonzomax, redfury

Are at worst Marxists intent on the overthrow of the American capitalistic system and the democracy on which it is founded.
Or at the very least are Marxist intending to usurp the Democrat party and turn it to their own ends as the American Marxist party!

Taking the SDMB and all those good citizens that have supported it sense 1999 wherever.
**STEP 8 - Exert some sort of influence over the armed forces. /B]
Obama Issues Orders

Obama Enlists Cannon fodder

Obama enrages Cadre of officers with hate

Obama’s Chinese Connection

China’s Preparation for War
China invades Africa
PV is the China’s last battle in the US

The Chinese are sitting on 2 trillion US dollars forcing a crash so to buy America cheap.
Make that 3 trillion US dollars counting the wall street bail out.**
The Trade deficit sapped American wealth.
Ignorance fought! Let the Deprogramming begin tomorrow!

Um, cite?

Your big fonts scare me.


I think you’ll find the only Marxist on this board is Olentzero. (I consider myself a non-Marxist democratic socialist.)

Jacques DeMolay, once again you are avenged!

I too would like a cite on that second line. I don’t think you’re going to find much traction here - Marxists are few on the ground. I know of myself and at least one other who would be considered well to the left of Marx but I don’t think that’s what you were aiming at. Actually I have no clue what you were aiming at. With all due respect your OP seems to be as well aimed as any firearm Dick Cheney gets hold of

I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter but I don’t think there’s room on the Internet.

Well, you’ve offered no evidence that the six abovenamed people are Marxists, except that that’s your own opinion of them. And I don’t really find the connection between six people posting ideas (no matter what these ideas are) on an Internet message board (people who don’t have the power to “eliminate” anybody, just argue with them) and the downfall of the US government to be all that well established. I guess your argument is that some kind of international communist body (something to do with the Chinese, I suppose, I just don’t have the time to look at numerous YouTube links, please in the future try and make your argument using words rather than cut-and-paste links, unskimmable videos, and huge portions of other discussions, which are not “cites” by the way any more than toilet-stall graffiti or something that I wrote on a napkin ten minutes ago) are directing their operatives to control the information of minor message boards, which will (in some way not specified) help Obama pursue his Marxist agenda (although arguably if he was secretly a Communist Chinese operative/Al Qaeda mole* he would be better off having people on message boards think he was pretty moderate if his plan was to be elected into power rather than have his Chinese tanks stroll down Pennsyvlania Avenue). And since this message board is not given over entirely to propaganda, it’s not clear who’s being convinced of what. (I will admit that I’m convinced that there are numerous people in this green world who can’t admit that there is another point of view besides their own that does not ultimately involve a conspiracy against them.)

(And, seriously, wingnuts of the world, what’s the worst-case scenario here? Will the Air Force stand down at President Obama’s orders and allow the islamofascists to, um, slowly carbomb their way through our cities? How will they mount an attack with no army, navy, or air force – hijack every plane? When Comrades Pelosi and Reid and the rest of the Weather Underground turn over our economy to their Albanian overlords, will every financial institution and megacorporation go along with the nationalization? Will all the churches just start playing the Call to Prayer in Chinese over loudspeakers five times a day with a shrug? And if we make it to, say, mid-2010 without any of this happening, will y’all shut up about it and start making valid criticisms instead of wild accusations?)

In other words, I’m going to hold off on hoarding guns and dried food just yet. It doesn’t look like a solid case to me.

Oh, and it’s called the Democratic Party. You can look it up. It’s nice to get minor facts correct if you want to convince people of your argument.

*Weird how he’s both these dissimilar but unpleasant things, eh? It shows he’s a uniter, if nothing else.

It’s my experience in the past that those who feel the need to use cosmetic improvements on their posts, in the form of enormofont, rampant bolding/italicising and the like, do so because their posts contain no actual worth. By supplanting substance for flash, an argument can be made to have impact that a more reasoned outlying of the nonsense does not.

Also I like the idea that Der Trihs of all people is apparently some kind of demagogue, holding great sway over the SDMB and its innocent, naive posters.

By. posting. on. an. Internet. message. board. In Elucidator’s case, by posting mostly jokes on an Internet message board. I swear I had no idea that overthrowing our whole Amurrican way of life was going to be so easy.

Incidently, El_Kabong wonders why focusonz keeps referring to focusonz in the third person.

I particularly enjoyed the part where focusonz quoted Der Trihs over and over again as evidence that the United States is on the verge of a Marxist revolution.

The bizarre ramblings of Der Trihs from his Mom’s basement are representative only of his own bizarre world view.

I also found enjoyable the assertion that it was Marxists who engineered the current financial crisis and subsequent bailout. Ever hear of a guy named George Bush? He’s, like, the president? And he appointed a treasury secretary? Named Henry Paulson? And a Federal Reserve Chairman? Named Ben Bernanke?

If you haven’t heard of them, you can read these articles to get you up to speed:

If the financial bailout was organized by Marxists, then I guess Bush, Paulson and Bernanke are Marxists. And if both the Republican party and the Democratic party are controlled by Marxists then I guess it’s pretty much too late for a Marxist overthrow of the government since the Marxists already control the government.

#1 problem with your idea is thinking, as stated above, that Der Trihs is in anyway a norm when it comes to politics. He is so far off the wall that he can’t even see the wall from where he’s at.

Too weird, didn’t read.

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between this OP and speeches by Mussolini. Okay Mussolini was a lot less disjointed but the idea of very strong nationalism and his terrible upset about criticism of the state?

From each according to his ability, about each according to his need…

Or the lack of it.

Hey, it’s all I got! True, I have other qualities, but how do you exploit overpowering personal magnetism on a message board?

And I believe in humor, worked on me. Paul Krassner and Mark Twain against Barry Goldwater and Ayn Rand? Not even a fair fight.

Perhaps if I muster battallions of facts and regiments of authoritative opinion, perhaps I can change your mind, after pounding out several thousand words of lead pedantry. Maybe I can change your mind.

But if I can make you laugh, I’ve already changed your mind.

Mark Twain

  • "The Chronicle of Young Satan," Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts

Relevant thread.

Hey, where’s my name? Has all my flag-burning been in vain?