Maryland state quarter

I got one yesterday [Houston]. Anyone else?

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    I live in Atlanta, GA, and I’ve not only NOT found the Maryland quarter, but I’m still looking for my ‘Sackie’ too. :::my life, the search for coins!:::

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Anti–The banks didn’t want the new Sackie when the US Mint asked them last year about it. So they are getting them rather late in the pipeline. Have patience, you will be sick of them in 6 months or so

Here in the DC area, about every other quarter is a Maryland one now. Must be local distribution.

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Thanks samclem! But, that brings up the question of, if the US wants to get rid of the one dollar bills, replacing them with the ‘sackies’ why would a FEDERAL bank have a * choice * about taking them??

Inquiring minds need to know!

“I never saw so many words compressed into so small an idea.” Abraham Lincoln

Yeah, I got one. I like it. I was actually thinking of submitting art for an Oregon quarter. Crater Lake or Chimney Rock. Of course the one they will use will probably have a covered wagon on it, though.

I got one on Saturday, too. (In Houston no doubt)

Anyone know what exactly that thing is on the back? Is it a church steeple or a famous belltower or something?

And what’s the “Old Line State”

And I also know I could just as easily go look this all up myself, but I don’t want to, so NYAH!

The building on the back is the Maryland State House (in Annapolis, of course).
As for “The Old Line State”, it seems as they were deciding what to put on the back of the quarter, someone dug up this old state motto that had the unique distinction of being an actual state motto that no one had ever heard of.
Pretty slick, eh?
In a newspaper article, it was revealed that the motto dates back to the Revolution where the guys from Maryland were enjoying a reputation of being solid soldiers and that they were so dependable that they were referred to as being from the “Old Line State” --or something like that.

I seem to get the coins pretty easily, but then again, I live like 20 minutes from the Denver Mint. :slight_smile:

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Re: Old Line

George Washington gave this nickname to the Maryland troops that held off the British while the rest of his army retreated.

The other motto, “The Free State”, doesn’t refer to free slaves. That refered to the fact that Maryland was one of the states that didn’t want to pass the 18th amendment (Prohibition).

So, would Marylanders rather be known for their brave sons or their alcoholism? :smiley:

You must unlearn what you have learned. – Yoda

I got one on Saturday in Columbia, Missouri.

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Alcoholism, of course!

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