Mask frames?

Anybody using these or similar mask frames? I’m getting saturation advertising for them:

I’d be curious to know if they’re comfortable and maintain a good seal at the edges of the mask.

I’m curious to know who wrote that sloppy copy for their ad.

I got this one a week ago. I like it a lot. It’s an improvement. There’s more airspace inside, and it holds the mask off my nose enough so that it’ not so itchy. It doesn’t interfere with the seal around the edges of the surgical masks or fabric mask that I have.

Thanks for the recommendation. I looked at several brands and liked these best. They’re food-grade silicone and didn’t seem flimsy. I tried one around the house yesterday and it’s a definite improvement. I think these will go in Christmas stockings this year!

I backed this KickStarter and received two mask braces. Seem to work just fine. Note that I am not promoting this product and have no financial stake in it. Just answering the OP’s question. If including the link below is a no-no, I will certainly take it down.

@shadowthorn69 this mask brace is different-- it fits OVER the mask to hold the top and sides close to your face.

The other ones referred to in this thread go INSIDE the mask to hold it away from your face so it doesn’t stick to your mouth. (Like the frame inside a hoop skirt.)