What's your favorite mask?

No one really likes having to wear masks, but I admit I like the fashion statement potential.

My favorite owned mask is a depiction of the Link mural from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I have a matching T-shirt that’s a reproduction of his tunic from Twilight Princess.

I also have one that has a giant Washington Nationals logo in it. I may soon get one that has their 2019 World Series Champions logo on it, while I still can.

And I’m thinking of getting one or two masks that have foxes on them. I very rarely wear plain white or blue masks.

What are your favorites?

I find the simple little black mask perfect for every occasion.

I think it make me look thinner and draws attention to my pretty eyes

Well, I ordered 5 new ones and am getting a 6th free. These should be my favorites if they are as good as they look. Two are black, but the rest different colors.

Look at you, fancy.

Anyone have a link to some good mask designs? I bought one of these but it’s a bit thinner than I’d like.

I also bought a mask/snood combo for the winter months.

Here they are.

What I like is the anti-fog feature. It seals the top of the mask so that your sunglasses don’t get fogged up (or any glasses for that matter).

My wife has made dozens of the no-fog masks, following the directions at https://diyjoy.com/how-to-make-a-no-fog-face-mask/ . They are working quite well for me.

I’ve got one of these:

and it’s fantastic. I do have to admit that I was a bit disappointed to find out it was made in China, and not somewhere in the UK though.

I also have one of the Old Navy 3-ply fabric masks (surgical mask style), that’s also fantastic when combined with one of those stick-on metal nose bridges.

I like this one

(it says “the contents of this mask is no longer available due to a copyright claim.”)

After wearing a variety of homemade and store bought masks, I got some disposable surgical masks, and they are much more comfortable than the cloth ones. The surgical ones have a wire to pinch over the nose, which helps a great deal to prevent glasses fogging. They are also cooler (as in less hot), easier to breathe with, and lighter than the cloth ones. They also probably are more effective at preventing disease transmission.

I’m too cheap to wear them when I only need a mask for a few minutes, like just the time inside a store, but for those times when I have to wear a mask for a few hours, it is definitely worth the $0.25 the disposable costs.

Plague Doctor mask.

I like my masks plain and simple. I have thin low-risk masks which are comfortable but probably do little. Should I desire to be matchy-matchy, I have about five plain colours. And I have a few thick masks with a replaceable filter for higher risk environments in a few patterns. Plus professional N95 ones.

I would prefer not to wear a mask than have some fashion angle. But I follow local laws. I think masks help offer protection and reduce transmission. But probably by less than you think.

My favorite is my cat mask that makes me look exactly like my Maine Coon.

So far my favorite has been the simple surgeon’s mask with earloops. They are light and the wire for shaping to the nose is nice and stiff and doesn’t lose its shape.

Unfortunately they’re hard to find. While similar looking .asks are available at Walgreens and the like, they are a poor imitation-- especially the nose wire, which in all the masks I’ve found are either absent or some plastic thing that doesn’t actually conform to the contours of the face. Luckily I have a few left over from a box I bought before all this mass began.

My wife sewed some nice ones but I’ve misplaced all but a couple of them.

I got my disposable ones at Costco, if that’s available to you. I think they were $13 for 50. I’m not sure if they’re true surgical quality, they might just be blue coffee filters, but they have a metal metal nose wire, and seem fine.

If you’re not a Costco member, there was a Costco “hack,” which might still be available. If you have an active Costco gift card, you can shop at there even if you’re not a member.

FWIW, you can get the metal strips separately.

Clearly this one.

I was pleased when a student recognized it the other day.

Google Photos

But they must be worn with a simple strand of pearls.

I have some plain ones from Decent Exposures - they started making and selling them quite early on, before everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Not low-fog - but I don’t usually have glasses on when I’m wearing them.

King Crimson I presume?

But I clutched my pearls too tightly last time I gasped for breath when Trump said he knew that Covid was much worse than any flu and sadly they flew all over the veranda as I was fanning myself.