Mass Effect Legendary - my thoughts while I play these games (spoilers as I play)

It’s going to be an adaptation of the comic book Blasto: Eternity is Forever.

Enkindle this!

Well whatever the series ends up being, it won’t be as good as my fanfic!

Commander HotpantsMcHugeBoobs Shepard looked deep into Captain Kirk’s eyes

“Are you ready to boldly go where no man has gone before…”

Cast Ron Perlman as Wrex.

What was the controversy? I honestly don’t remember.

I’m asking as well. I had no idea about controversy. I only played the game this past year and she was so bland, she served no purpose. An unrealized story-line basically.

The character was voiced by and modeled after Jessica Chobot who is a writer and host for gaming content working for IGN and G4TV. The controversy was about placing a media personality who works for platforms that tell people whether to buy a game in a game that they will be reviewing. I don’t think it’s a huge deal because she isn’t known as a reviewer.