Massachusetts Dopers - U Pick Orchards?


I had plans to pick tart cherries this week for pies. As of last week, the farmstand I was going to pick at (Smolak Farms) hadn’t scheduled the days for picking, and asked me to call back this week. I just called, and they told me that they had a bad year for cherries, and won’t be picking at all this year. You’d think they would have known last week. I’m a bit surprised, I know that growing seasons are a bit delayed this year, no cherries at all? :rolleyes:

Do any of you know of any farmstands in the area (say within Rte 495) that have tart pie cherries, either for sale or to pick?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Is Natick close enough?

Check that, they have *sweet * cherries. This place in North Andover has the tart kind, though.

ElvisL1ves, thank you! Smolak in North Andover is the place that gave me the runaround, but Lookout Farm may work. I’ll give them a call to see if they also have tart cherries.

thanks again,

Post here when you find out, please. I’ve had a hell of a time finding tart cherries.

ElvisL1ves, I should have trusted you when you said that Lookout only had sweet cherries. I just called them and they confirmed that they don’t have tart cherries.

“You know, everyone calls here looking for tart cherries, but all we have is sweet cherries.”

Sigh. You’d think they’d plant some if they were in such demand.

Robot Arm, I’ll let you know if I find something. Someone in my office found a place in Michigan…

Well, I don’t know a place to pick your own, but tart cherries just showed up at the grocery stores in Boston. (The Stop and Shop in Brighton, near the New Balance building, had quite a few.)

I’m just leaving to pick some up on my way to work.

In case anyone remembers this thread from last summer…

I checked the Smolak Farms website a few days ago for the tart cherry picking this season, and they came through. In fact, my timing was just about perfect. They were starting on Saturday. I had some errands up north today, so I stopped by this afternoon at about 3:00. They only have about two dozen tart cherry trees, and they’d already been picked clean.

(I went to the stand and the guy gave me some containers and showed me where the cherry trees were. I went over, and there was nothing on them. I went back and told him the trees were empty, and he said someone else had told him the same thing. Dude, why didn’t you tell me that before? Why did you give me containers to put cherries in when you knew there were no cherries? It’s not worth a pitting, but, c’mon.)

So, for anyone who sees this thread next summer, and who wants tart cherries, get there on the first day.