Is there a survey or some statstic out that shows the percent of men who masterbate? because if there is it should be 100% do it. If its not then the ones who said no are lying. What do you think, is my theory true? What percent of women do it?

First, learn to spell. Then, stop trying to justify yourself, you little wanker.

Why should you care who else does it? Are you looking for a support group? So long as you don’t frighten the horses, who cares?

there was a special on tv called ‘private dicks’ and they said that 90% of men masturbate, and the rest of them lie. :slight_smile:

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A wealth of information on the subject can be found at Informative without being TOO salacious, for all sexes.

salin, from that site,

“Masturbation In The News
A phone-sex worker developed carpal tunnel syndrome from her line of work. And
you thought only office workers and supermarket checkers developed this problem!”

Maybe the 10% that aren’t doing it are actually having sex.

I’d respond to this thread, but I have to go masturbate.


u hve 2 lrn to type wth 1 hnd.

Thank you DrF. That explains all of those stupid-ass abbreviations. :slight_smile:

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Okay, jokes aside, lets try to set this guy DaneH straight.

First of all, 100% of men do NOT masturbate.

Why not? Easy. Some don’t know how to [how old were you when you learned to? Some don’t learn to until they are much older], some don’t need to [asexual], some don’t want to [religious, etc], some can’t [handicapped], some can’t do it [no time alone], some don’t need to do it anymore [married, too old, etc]…

There, now you figure what the percentages are for those, DaneH, and then subtract it from 100% andyoull be all set.

Studies have shown that males AND females who have active sex lives actually masturbate more often. Married people either masturbate as much as they did before, or even more.

Married people either masturbate as much as they did before, or even more.

Thats true! errrrr I meannn well I have heard that’s true… :slight_smile:

Of course that’s just my opinion I could be wrong.
Dennis Miller

dhanson, what study do you refer to? All published material I have seen say thats not the case.

Are you sure that the pages of your particular “research report” weren’t just stuck together handy?

They did a recent survey in a magazine.

90% of the men replied that they masturbate on a regular basis.

The other 10% were pathological liars.

Then what is everyone here talking about? That’s sort of different from 'Not all of 100% of men masturbate," isn’t it?

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