Masturbate! (Can I say masturbate in my sig?)

I have a new sig (see below) that I’ve posted a few times around. I’ve heard no squaking about it, so I assume it’s OK but wanted to double check. Can I get a ruling?


One vote here for “I like it”. :smiley:

Is there an attribution? Or is it original?

That was TN*Hippie, if I don’t miss my guess. Good line. DDG… Check here. I didn’t double-check it though.

Yeah, no worries. You can even use “wank”, if you prefer. :wink:

Since it is a quote of another poster, common courtesy is to attribute it to them, isn’t it?

It is a good line. Coldfire, are you trying out to be an Australian?

What Wikkit said. Credit where due and all that.

Glad to know you’ve gotten all your scheduling happening.


your humble TubaDiva

Nah, I’ll stick to my Dutch guns, thanks. BTW, “wank” is more widely used than Australia. I think it’s fair to say it’s an Anglo thing that somehow is not too well known in the US and Canada.

I don’t think girls “wank”, do they? Hmmm…perhaps this is a GQ!

Thanks for the info, Wanker :wink:


Thanks for the link, Lightnin’. I wondered whether it was a line from a book or whether the Hippie came up with it himself.

Oh, gotcha. No problemo. I see that now in your earlier post.

But, in order to avoid confusion, I wanted to point out that Lightnin’ is somebody else. Although I’m sure he’d have been as helpful had he seen this thread.