Mathematicians are spamming me

What the hell? I just got a piece of spam that reads as follows:

That’s the entirety of it. I guess that’s nice to know…

Usually that is the sort of crap in emails with subjects like “Farm girls getting analsex around the farm”*.

*Taken from an actual email that was in my inbox this morning, including the typo.

I wouldn’t have opened something like that. The subject line for this one was “actually infinitely long would probably be incorrect, since it would ejmf onf fwml giftwdrh ifk ejge”. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the infinite…

“Increase your fractional dimension in six weeks!!! Includes free theorem!”


Opening email from people you don’t know is like resistance training for your anti-virus. Hope you’ve got a good one. Don’t you watch Smallville?

Dude! They’ve got your number… :smiley:

Heh. “Women will scream when they see your Koch curve!”

It’s just a spam. The point isn’t to have any content in it. The title and whatever is inside is just to get you to open the email. Once you do that, they know they have a valid email address. The random characters in the title are to fool spam filters. The message itself may also be random.

Do spammers always know if you open a spam? What if you delete it?

Many spams contain links to a webserver (often a uniquely-named 1-pixel image.) When your e-mail program reads the spam, if you have it configured to auto-load images, it asks the website for the image, and the webserver knows the e-mail was opened.

Most e-mail programs allow you to turn off the auto-load feature. And of course text-only e-mail readers are fine.

Thanks, Podkayne. Now I know why people say “don’t even open them”.