Matrix Reloaded Burly Brawl

Hahaha, Gadfly, that was quality.

Here’s another article (from Wired magazine) about how they did it. It’s more intended to make you go “Whoa” than to actually explain anything, but still somewhat interesting.

Sorry, I was referring to the quality of the CGI in the rest of the film.

The rave scene well and truly sucked, never you fear.


Sure, there are points in the burly brawl scene where it’s obvious that these are computer generated images and not real people. It happens especially when the characters do things people aren’t actually capable of and when too many figures are on the screen.

The thing is, these are, within the reality of the movie, computer generated images, not real people. When Neo is doing things no human can do, it’s actually a computer program doing things it wasn’t originally programmed to be able to do. When there are 100 agent Smiths running around, it’s actually 100 copies of the same program running simultaneously in a system designed for just one. So it actually makes perfect sense that the images start to look less realistic, and more like what they actually are when they start to do things that the system isn’t expecting and isn’t designed to handle.

Think of it in terms of a 3d shooter; the more figures you have on screen, the lower you have to set the resolution to maintain a reasonable framerate. The obvious cgi is like that lower resolution.

I’m not claiming that this was the intent, only that within the framework of this story it works perfectly to have cgi that looks like cgi.

Well, that’s actually how I justified the flaws when I first watched the film in the theater. Having rewatched it repeatedly on DVD, however, I am no longer swayed. Basically, the rest of the CGI in the movie is so dang good that the obvious CGI scenes during the burly brawl are just too disrupting. Remember, the rest of the film shows crowded street scenes, flocks of birds taking off, a vast citiscape, etc. One hundred Agent Smiths shouldn’t tax the Matrix’s capabilities overly much.

But, hey – whatever helps you sleep at night… :wink:


It isn’t an attempt to justify a flaw. I recognize that the obvious cgi is a flaw, but I think that in this case, for the reasons I stated above, it actually enhances the movie because it makes you aware that these are computer images–which they are.

Sure, and bullet time is just system lag. :slight_smile:

Hey, Number6, I was thinking the exact same thing. I mean, the fight, along with most of the movie takes place inside a computer, so it makes some sense when things look a little…off. I mean, Neo is supposedly able to rewrite the code of anything in the matrix, no? That’s what makes him special…so what’s to prevent him from making himself grow gigantic, or stretch limbs, or crazy shit like that? And if he were, would such things look “real” to others inside the matrix, or would it seem a little “off”?

The big thing for me was just that his coat suddenly looked too stiff and smooth and rubbery. I could definitely tell where it was a fake Neo, but eh…it didn’t really bother me. It was that whole “crappy story” that screwed the movie for my tastes. I’m excited about Revolutions, though.


I don’t think Raimi meant for the CG in Spiderman to be hidden. It look to me as if he was, rather, emphasizing the unreal about it. Its most notable when Spideran is web-swinging; the noticability factor goes way up at those time. I don’t think that was an error, though, but rather something deliberate.

Uh-huh. And when I watch old Star Trek reruns on TV I like to pretend that the obvious “blocking frames” (I don’t know what they are really called) that appear around the Enterprise are really just the shields and not evidence of cheap special effects…


I’ll bet that the realism in CG characters is more dependent on quality gravity effects than textures. So far (with a few exceptions) nothing has really been produced that carries believable movement/reaction to movement. Gollum, in many scenes, didn’t even disrupt the gravel stones he was being thrown upon/walking on.

Concerning Matrix Reloaded, I thought the fight was okay. I’m used to not being surprised, and I wasn’t then - the CG wasn’t realistic. As long as the producers don’t say words like AMAZING and REALISTIC when they describe the believability of their characters. It’s not realistic, but it is the best there’s been, so I suppose it deserves merit in that respect.

It’s the people that think it’s all real that are the scary ones.