Matt Gaetz. Is he an island of one?

Watching the drama for the House Speaker election and seeing how Gaetz is going about it makes me think he’s a group of one. Sure, the other 19 from the group are being stubborn, and some of them, like Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, and Bob Good, will almost certainly never come around. But Gaetz seems to be on another level, even compared to that group. The stunt with nominating Trump for speaker is part of what makes me think that, but I have an overall impression that he doesn’t fit in with even those other far far right Republicans. Why do you all think?

Gaetz was the moron that nominated Trump? :rofl:

Did his pedophile problem just disappear?

There’s a statutory-rape exception if you’re a republican.

He’s also “threatened” to resign if the RINOs work with the Dems to nominate a moderate 'Pub.

He may be fishing for a VP selection if Trump is nominated by the GOP or if he runs as an independent. He sees himself as president someday. I see him serving time in prison.

The girl(s) in question was/are (not sure if one or two) 17 so it’s a borderline case and there are “credibility questions with the two central witnesses,” so the prosecutors for now aren’t proceeding.

Oh, this is a Washington Post article, so paywalled unless you’re a subscriber. Sorry! Or, wait – that article was from September 23, and here’s a Vanity Fair article (the come-on one free) from January 12 saying one of the young women has been testifying to a grand jury: Report: It Sure Sounds Like Matt Gaetz’s Ex-Girlfriend May Be the One to Take Him Down! | Vanity Fair

NBC News reports that Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend testified Wednesday before a federal grand jury that is examining his cornucopia of alleged sex crimes, a huge development suggesting “the Department of Justice may be moving closer to indicting him.” The ex-girlfriend has reportedly been in talks with prosecutors for months about an immunity deal under which she would avoid prosecution in exchange for detailing everything she knows about whether the Republican windbag did indeed pay a 17-year-old girl for sex in 2017 and if he and others violated the Mann Act by paying for prostitutes overseas.

He’s stands out particularly odious scumbag (no mean feat given the state of the rest of the GOP) but politically he’s not particular out there by the standards of the modern GOP (though by any other standard he is a completely out there raving neo-fascist).

Or to paraphrase, it’s unremarkable that the Nazi Party contains Nazis.

The September article is the more recent of the two. The January article is from last January.

These days especially those things are not mutually exclusive.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out; I missed it. Darn.

Spellchecker may be involved here. Crap is usually not spelled o-n-e.

Now that Kev is Speaker, Gaetz should be afraid of a midnight visit from the Gezpacho Police.

You know, Maddow Blog was very disgusted with the guy that tried to punch ol’ Gaetz, but I don’t blame him. Matt has such a punchable face. I have never punched anyone in my life, but if I saw that guy walking across the street, I’d have to walk over and punch him. His face just begs for it.

Other than that I don’t think he’s any different than the rest of the attention seeking Maga frauds in the Congress. He was just the one that came up with the most flamboyant performance at that moment. They all suck.

Colin Jost wrote a book called A Very Punchable Face, which I recommend, but no one wants to punch him.
Maybe Matt can write a book and steal the title.