Matt Greene (super lame, but I gotta vent)

If we had lost last night, I would have held you (and MacT, for letting you play) responsible. What the fuck, dude? You’re on the ice for probably 8 minutes a game, and every fuckin’ game you spend another 4 in the box. You know the rules, right? Because if you don’t know the rules, you shouldn’t be playing the fuckin’ game. You take one hand off your stick and put it on the guy, it’s going to get called. It’s been like that all year, and it’s not fuckin’ rocket science.

I hope you’re kissing Fernando’s ass for bailing you out. I don’t care what the fuck Huddy whispered to you on the bench, if the 'Canes had been drinking from the cup last night it would have been all because of you.

MacT, why do you keep putting him out there? He’s obviously overmatched, and it’s the fucking finals! I know Dick Tarnstrom is no Paul Coffey, but for fuck’s sake he’s not going to actively lose the game for you.

Whew, I feel a little better now. :slight_smile:

And to answer some questions in advance, yes, I know it was lame. Yes, “fuck” is pretty much all I’ve got at the moment. And yes, you can close the thread due to lack of interest.

Not to derail your rant or anything, but it was Steve Staios in the penalty box in OT.

Yes, but Carolina’s first two goals were on powerplays from Matt Greene penalties. Stupid ones, at that.

Yeah, I should have made it clear I was bitching at Greene about the first two goals, sorry. And I thought the tripping call on Staios was bullshit, so I wouldn’t have held him responsible (he’ll be relieved to know :slight_smile: ). Whereas the calls on Greene, while arguably weak, were at least consistent with the “new NHL ™” rules.