Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who

Sad to hear it.

We’re already discussing this in the 50th thread. Have been for quite awhile.

Think I have a shot at number 12?

Maybe. I’d never heard of Matt Smith before he took the role. The only thing he’s in is In Bruges, and that was in a deleted scene.

I wish they would have kept this secret.

I find it odd that the actors playing the Doctor leave after such short runs. You’d think that you’d hang on to a plum role like that for dear life. But Eccleston only stayed on for 1 series and Tennant only lasted 3 full series (over a span of five years or so).


Best Dr. Who news I’ve heard in 3 years!

Now tell me that Russell Davies is back in charge creatively and I’ll throw a party!

The longest run of an actor playing the Doctor was Tom Baker who did it for seven years and it became pretty apparent that that had been at least a year or two longer than was best for either him or the role.

Three years is a pretty typical run for an actor in the role and Matt Smith went four. While I’m always skeptical about such announcements (seems we’ve been hearing he’s leaving since his first season) the time frame is about right.

I think this one’s for real–I’ve seen it in too many places for it not to be.

I agree. Back with Ten(ant) I tuned in for each season finale to see if he was going to regenerate, but I figured out that it’s something they’d announce first.

And I hope they actually do explain the one after the next, instead of just a handwave about things that had happened before or crap about it being a Time Lord rule (which doesn’t make sense, as why would the Master have been gloop when he tried to regenerate an extra time?)

Alright, let’s clear up this “regeneration limit” thing one more time:

  1. It has LONG been established this is a limit imposed on Time Lords by themselves. Old Who episodes like Underworld and Mawdryn Undead established that regeneration could continue indefinitely, but with side effects ranging from annoying to intolerable.

  2. The master was offered a new cycle of regenerations by the Time Lords in The Five Doctors so any limit that does exist can be overcome/overridden.

  3. In New Who the Master unequivocally states that the Time Lords brought him back with for the Time War, and clearly that resurrected Master was able to regenerate from “Professor Yana” to the latest version. That makes at least 14 times the Master has regenerated, more likely 15 (or even more).

  4. In “Let’s Kill Hitler” River Song “gave her remaining regenerations” to the Doctor.

So, please, let’s get past this notion of a “regeneration limit”. Even if it did exist in the past it doesn’t exist any longer.

No need to get testy! I just thought it was some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey thing only Time Lords understood. :wink:

I think Doctor Who is sort of like comic books in this regard: whatever they need to do, they can do it–all they need to do is come up with a semi-plausible explanation and the audience will cheerfully go, “Oh, okay!”

You forgot:

  1. It’s fiction. They can change the rules they make because they are made up rules, not laws of nature.

It’s been nearly 4 years. Expected news. Now if Matts new role can be in Broadchurch, I will be pleased. Preferably as the guy who steals DI Hardy’s identity which being the Vicars’s new lover.

Do you have any experience playing doctor?

More like 5) it’s doctor freaking who, they can do anything they want and hand wave it away.

I do, but its mostly a case of “physician, heal thyself” unfortunately.

I just hope the next guy is good and fun too. So far I’ve liked them all.

I’d have like to see him go at least one more season, especially since Clara just showed up, although they did resolve her arc fairly quickly. Have they cast the new doctor yet? Do we think there will be any major aesthetic differences such as gender or ethnicity? I suppose we should get some nominations going and then have a poll for who should be the next doctor…

I agree that it’s not an actual issue, but given that its perceived to be, it would be dandy of them to hang a lampshade on it. Especially since Smith may actually be #12 already.

That’s a list of contradictions that only prove the matter to be confused.
The one consistent theme is trying to extend your life beyond its natural limits has grim consequences.

The Time Lords at their height, and becoming ruthless because of the war, may have had ways of granting The Master more lives that aren’t available to the Doctor. Like the life force of other time lords.

I doubt the BBC will want to give up the franchise at the whim of the next actor quitting.
Thanks for your concern but I think I’ll keep paying attention to the 12 life limit and see if they do any stories about the Doctor confronting the fact his ultimate demise is looming in front of him.