Matt_mcl tried to kill me!!

Listen Pilgrim, if you had just narrowly escaped a ‘hit’, you’d be slack on spelling too. . .

Yeah, it was a hit. I’m sure of it.

:smack: There’s a hit for ya!

Happily, we found and were challenged by the Museum of Contemporay Arts; I’d avoid their restaurant, but the art was stunning. The Bruce Neuman exhibit was something else!

“Do you expect me to take Montmorency line south to the Berri-Uqam hub and then transfer over to the Angrignon West to McGill?”
“No, Mr Tripler, I expect you to die.”

If matt_mcl wanted you dead, you would be dead.

Montreal is his city and his goons will do what he tells them to do. I once knew a guy who borrowed $50 Canadian from him and when he didn’t pay up, the guy found a Moose head in his bed. Actually, rumor has it that a government official in charge of the metro owed **matt_mcl **some money and, well, too bad about that “accident” at the station the other day…

I think there’s more going on there than appears at first glance. I think there are vast forces moving behind the scenes, of which we know almost nothing.

We were having a beautiful summer. Until the weather went weird and cold… just when Tripler arrived. Then after he left, we had intense heat and mugginess, as if to compensate; and now things are back to [del]superbly-beautiful[/del] normal.

Tripler out-and-out told me that he had once touched an active nuclear missile in its silo. If he can admit something like that, what is he hiding??

You can’t trust them Canadians, what with their flapping heads and beady eyes.

Steeple and smirk all you want, you don’t get paid until the job is done!

Is there going to be an “Ask the Evil Gay Guy” thread?

All the answers are, “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.”. You may not really want such a thread.

“Well, it’s not so much ‘have to’ as ‘want to,’ but really, does it make that much difference in the end?”

<pulls lever to release giant cyber apes>

Yeah, that’s his euphemism for us getting it on hot monkey style. Sorry 'boot that. I try to keep him from working it into polite conversation, but it turns out we never have any.
Polite conversation, that is.

Worse. He’s MUCTC :eek:

Better than STCUM… or is it?

Somewhat related rant: Monthly bus pass: 65$ Student 18-25 bus pass: 35$… I’m a student… I’m 26. WHY???

matt_mcl is trying to kill me by stealing my money and having me starve to death.

Don’t pin that one on me. Even I am not that evil.

Because you’re not that bright?

Oh wait, you weren’t asking…

Never mind.

::: wanders off whistling aimlessly :::

Why is someone called “Tripler” having his Tim’s doubled, hmmm? Hiding something from the taxman?

What I find most shocking is the way everyone is skirting carefully around the real cause of this failure of civic engineering, and that cause is… yes, it’s Gay Marriage.

[defensive] Returning to school, actually. I already have a BSc. It just doesn’t mean I have more money than I did the first time around! [/devensive]

Of course, one could argue that my failure to do something that interested me the first time around is a measure of intelligence… but I don’t want to hear that argument! :smack:

I’ll have to work ‘touching the missile’ into conversation somehow…

I’m sorry, but you don’t have a ‘need-to-know’, and I don’t have to declare anything at customs on either side. Nothing to see here. . . move along, move along. . .

“I said ‘Good day!!’” :mad: