Matt_mcl tried to kill me!!

Yeah, so get this: matt_mcl tried to kill me and Nawth Chucka!! We were travelling to Montreal on our honeymoon, and matt tells us to go check out a few art museums in the downtown Montreal area. Low and behold he tries to get us to walk smack into a collapsing metro station!

I dunno, maybe it was that he thought I could like, engineer a fix to the tubes or something. Maybe he was trying to kill us for ransom. Maybe he thought I wasn’t fit to be trusted with the secret of ‘the poutine’ (I had my first serving over dinner with him–good stuff!).

Nevertheless, this MP runnin’, 6’ 2’-tall bein’, unshaven, hippie lookalike tried to kill me and my wife.

I want revenge! Meet me at the Vieux-Port for a Molson Drink-Off at 15h, hoser!

:eek: Matt would never do this voluntarily; the Metro is his (and Montreal’s) pride and joy.

It was a setup. A setup, I tell you!

Oh, no, I was THERE! “See the underground city, you won’t get rained on and the musee is accesible. It’s to DIE for.”, says matt. Ha! Wanted us dead, he did. A conspiracy, clearly, against us.
Why matt, why? Did you hear us mock your mad Esperanto skillz??

People, people you are forgetting something here in this whole “tied to kill me” trip.

The shoppers! The shopping. They closed the underground mall. Won’t someone please think of the shoppers! McGill students won’t have anywhere to shop… (well except for the whole rest of the city, which also has excellent shopping…) Hmm like the Main, or over by Atwater, or all the stores along St Catherine, or…then theres the bookstores…and the restaurants…

(Did I mention the only place Ive been lately is Duluth MN and only for half a day?)

Matt, Matt, Matt. To quote a renowned Jedi Master: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Get your game on, Mister.

Nonsense! We Esperanto speakers would [del]probably have a lot of fun, if it ever occurred to us, were we to[/del]never conspire against you. [del]We’re[/del]He’s innocent! It was all the fault of tunnel gnomes!

(still in Mafia mode, despite being dead)

Oh, that’s a scumtell if I ever saw one.

vote matt_mcl


I heard that it was the result of some sort of covert US military operation, and that there’s an arrest warrant out for Tripler.

Has Canada declared subtle war? Attrition’s fine, but they should really think a bit bigger.

He’s out to get the Tim’s secret recipe. The bugger drank gallons of it while visiting Alberta last summer. Can’t trust that Trip, not one bit.

Trip drank gallons of double double, then knocked the subway foundations loose with the thunderous stream of his mighty bladder?
It’s a theory!

They wouldn’t “arrest” a national strategic asset like myself. They’d be straight out to kill me . . .and this time they failed.

I’ve already got my “Bond Girl” (aka ‘Sylvia Trench’, and she brought her own .357 to the relationship and knows where I keep my ‘room broom’), but let this be a lesson to the rest of you–hang out with me and danger and excitement await. All I lack is the secret hideout in the Bahamas. While James Bond has his martinis shaken, and not stirred, I have my Tim’s doubled, not stirred.

[sub]And we are grateful to matt_mcl for visiting with us. He is a hoot, and I personally am glad I got to pick his brain a bit! We do apologize for the mess in McGill Station. They were after us and all. . . I’m sure you understand.[/sub]

Now accepting donations for a secret hideout in the Bahamas–wire Suisse Banc Acct #5829 9485 988 TRIP

steeples fingers, smirks evilly

Incidentally, I’m usually clean shaven these days, but the boyf asked me not to shave so he can see scruffy!matt when he gets home. I am complying to show him the error of his ways.

So what are you? KGB? GRU? NKVD? EVIL? I mean, hell man, you even gave my Bond Girl a ‘French Canadian Kiss’: mwah, turn, mwah!!

I’ll even put dollars to donuts you were growing a beard just to stroke it diabolically!

Don’t worry. It’ll be stylish. How could it not be? Vous êtes montrealais! If you get a white Angora cat, though, I’ll start to worry.

Lo and behold.

I was going to suggest SPECTRE, but I just can’t see matt being interested in stroking a pussy.

No love on the Board for KAOS?

Welcome matt_mcl to the bearded side.