Matt_mcl: Is there a cause you don't believe in?

Now I’m not calling you out or anything. I’m not looking for an ass kicking here though I’m certain to get one anyway. I’m only posting this in the pit because it didn’t seem appropriate in any other forum (not even MPSIMS).

Just off the top of my head:

  • Language rights
  • Anti Free Trade
  • Animal Rights
  • Socialist causes of almost any kind
  • Poor rights
  • Student rights
  • Gay rights
  • Anti-One Island, One City
  • Goth rights (for all I know)

…and I’m sure there’s more…

Not that there is anything wrong with any of these fine causes, but where do you find the time?



I dunno, but I suppose Matt believes in social justice… in all its incarnations :slight_smile: As for finding the time, in my experience, it’s pretty easy when you really believe in defending people’s rights. Someone’s gotta do it - who else is going to stand up and speak for those who cannot? If some of us don’t take the time, who will?

When I take part in fighting for these causes, it means cutting back on other things I’d do: I don’t take time to poke around and shop for things I don’t need… I don’t sit at home and watch television… sure, sometimes I do something for me, but usually, I find I can give up to 20 or more hours a week to volunteering for these causes. While studying and working. If I can, many more can too.

In my opinion, Matt’s a pretty special guy. And he’s an NPDer. And he’s Canadian. In fact, if only I was a guy, I’d ask him to marry me, on the spot. <g>

Yeah yeah, I’m a damn “commie”… what can I say…

Completely tipped to the left,



It’s people like you that are to blame for the latest downturn in our economy!

One fine day comrade… :wink:

As a poster on a different board put it: “If you can’t stand up for what’s right, then why do you have legs?”

I hold Matt in high esteem for his activities–If only I had that kind of energy!

Matt is, and correct me if I am wrong, a proud member of the New Democrat Party and ran for parliament in a Montreal riding during the last Canadian federal election.

The New Democrat Party unmistakingly leans to the left. Matt carries the torch, and holds it high and for that he should be commended.

…doesn’t mean that I agree with him though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Why, yes. I have absolutely no emotional or political stake one way or another in the question of mime abuse.

a) I’m not a socialist, but a Keynesian. You may use “progressive” instead.
b) You left out environmental activism, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of political prisoners, parliamentary reform, police brutality, Canadian sovereignty, and the Tobin Tax.

Where do I find the time? I wake up in the morning and there it is. Tada!

As Matt’s roomate, I’d like to say his own list of causes is abridged. The complete list would consume so much memory, it would crash the computers of every straight doper out there.:smiley:

Where does he find the time? Well, if more protests were held before noon, he’d never get to them. Matt’s day starts with PM, and ends in AM. :smiley:

But his dedication is sincere, and I admire the effort he puts into making the world a better place.

As for Matt being a socialist, he’s not. I am a social democrat, and we generally don’t see eye to eye on the whole capitalism thing.

<<waving hand in air>> yes, yes, fine. But, get to the real meat of the matter, Hamish. You have entree into the inner sanctum of the Terra Matta. What of his after shave? The cut of his shirts? Bow Tie or Windsor Knot? Wheaties or Portuguese Linguica with braised avocado and thyme for breakfast?

Porsche or Volkswagen? Tinted contacts, or Lasix? Dammit to hell, man, some of us NEEEEEEEED to know <grin>. Fuck it, he probably doesn’t even know I’m alive <sob>

matt_mcl said:

Heartless bastard.

(Canadian sovereignty?)

Didn’t I see Matt shaking hands with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club last week?

Please don’t ask me what I was doing watching the 700 Club.

And of course, you’re all forgetting public transportation. What sucks is I disagree with him on every issue (to widely varying degrees*), and don’t do shit to support my side. Luckily, I’m pro-big-business, and they don’t really need my help. But his dedication is, err, admirable.

*[sub]I do not mean that I disagree with the idea of gay rights, or poor rights, or whatever, but that on the actual implementation of said rights we vastly disagree. Actually, I have no opinion whatsoever on the Tobin Tax, but to make up for the lack of disagreement there, I’ll take the position that Canada should revert to being a colony of Britain.[/sub]

Well, it has to be better than being a colony of the US, towards which position our elites are speeding us.

Now, now, we don’t want Canada as a colony; the last thing the US needs is a rational health care system and sensible gun laws! Although y’all could send over Elvis Stojko (lust, drool!) as tribute.

Hamish, the most important bit of Matt info is, boxers or briefs?

I’m not sure where he finds the time either.

But I’m glad he does.

Thanks Matt.

Alternatively, if we could all arrange for matt-mcl to become leader of Canada, Britain might then be improved by becoming a colony of Canada. There could be a sort of karmic justice about that. :slight_smile: Yes, I think I could live with a few maple leaves and moose/mooses/meese/big deer thingies.

I’m all for political freedom to reform religious speech for environmental prisoners and police brutality too, but You are a natural wonder Matt. All I can manage on an average day is to do a day’s work, maybe get to the gym and spend time with my family.

…and Hamish claims you do all that in an afternoon… amazing. :wink:

There you go badmouthing our neighbours again. You know, we Canadians need to tone down this rhetoric a notch or two. I live here among them and they are not so bad. <whisper> Besides, they’ve got lots guns and stuff and some of them are kind of crazy, no telling what they might do if you upset them. Just keep sending our Canadian comedians down here. It seems to amuse and distract them. </whisper>

You don’t need to gossip with my roommate over that! Boxers, of course.

Well Gawddamnit Matt! You just ruined a potentially fascinating discussion by dropping an ugly fact in front of it.

We could have gone on for weeks, speculating about your boxer/brief mystery. We could have hunted through your old posts, looking for tanatlizing clues, plumbed the depths of your tortured psyche looking for the one hint that would secure our arguement as proof positive of your brief/boxer predeliction. One of us might have gone down in the annals of SDMB history as the person who solved this great riddle.

Flamewars would have broken out all over the board between the Loose-n-hanging boxer faction and the Tight and supporting brief brigage. Just like the Bush-Gore thing spread to every thread during the recent US Election, so too would this topic have exploded across the board.

Meanwhile, you could have led us on. Teased us. Haunted us with comments like “My undies are riding up a bit today.” and we would have followed you anywhere, debating if undies meant briefs or boxers.

But you blew it.

With three little words, you have taken the joy…nay…the LIGHT from our lives.

I. am. distraught.

All I can say is: Come on, man! Next time think about the consequences of your actions before you post.