Scott Plaid, Stand Up or Shut Up

You pitted Shodan in this MPSIMS thread.

You pitted Bricker in this ATMB thread.

Neither of those included a link to the appropriate thread.

I’ll tell you how this message board works: if something someone says irritates you enough to raise hell about it, you bring it here - the BBQ Pit. You state your issue, you link to the thread that created your issue, and you stand ready to defend yourself. You don’t plaintively and disingenuously post in an improper forum that you just don’t understand this message board.

You are far more a political soulmate of mine than either of the aforementioned are, but your actions and your personality are increasingly pissing me off. Put your balls where your mouth is.

“Don’t stare, but I think that guy’s nose just horked out a goiter.”

Yeah. 100% agree. Further, I hate that the little shit is putting me in a position to actually have to see posters like Shodan and Bricker as wronged parties. What a fucking world (see your own “political soulmate” comment">

I’m hoping for the “all are mangled and killed” option myself.

I wish that I could pretend that I understand this post

Damn typos. It’s “mangled and quilled.” As in, wrong end of a porcupine. Sorry!

That makes even less sense. What the hell?

I very much doubt there are many men who can tea-bag themselves. If such a flexibility were common, the practice of onanism would not require thumbs. Further evidence that the Goddess knew what She was doing.

“Spine flexibility, set that at about 90%. On second thought, make that 50%…”

Goddammit, five posts in and we’re off on a tangent already?

Focus, people, focus.

It was supposed to be a simple variation on “Put your money where your mouth is.” Obviously a very poorly timed (poorly designed) burst of creativity.

There’s only been one post addressing the OP. Two if you assume that the OP sent don Jaime off on some train of thought that actually connected to the OP.

shrug win some, lose some.

I heerd that, buddy. I’m taking sides I never thought I’d take.

Perhaps the subject simply lacks the gravitas necessary to hold anyone’s attention?

Or the coherency. Half the time, I can’t understand what the hell he’s trying to say. The other half of the time, I just wish I couldn’t.

Perhaps. What have you done lately?

It’s tough to maintain both coherence and a 25-message-a-day posting rate. Everyone has their limits, y’know?

I read that as a comment about Scott. not you.

I did too. I just thought that if I pitted tomndebb that maybe it would get more attention, so I thought that I’d ask him if there was any reason to pit him.

Can’t kill a guy for trying. :cool:

Wanna bet?

Just so long as they aren’t mangled and quilled, I’m happy.