Mattress cleaning help needed

Because of stupidity, I bought a mattress site unseen. It was all it was advertised to be. And more. The previous owner was a smoker.

Is there anyway to get the smoke smell out? I don’t need it until the first so I am currently letting it air out outside. It’s not helping much.

Thanks in advance.

Buy a spray bottle of Febreze. That ought to solve the problem in a day or so.

You bought a used mattress? Ew, I thought that was illegal in most states to sell them.

Cheaper than Febreze (but more labor intensive): buy a box of baking soda, sprinkle mattress liberally. Let sit for several hours, vacuum up baking soda. Flip mattress, repeat on other side.

It is saturated in nicotine and you won’t get that out. Febreze on a stink equals febreze plus original stink. It also makes it harder to breath. The best bet is try an upholstery cleaner on a steam cleaner. A dry mattress can be zipped into a vinyl mattress cover.

jcheckwood No it’s not. You’re free to purchase other used stuff like clothing and recliners too. I’m glad that you can always purchase new stuff. May life never bite you in the ass.

I was not trying to be a douche. But when I think of all of the “things” that have occurred on my mattress, I would not want to buy someone else’s.

To the OP, having dealt with smoke odors in the past, the zippered mattress cover is the way to go. I would buy two in fact, and do them on opposite ends.

I disagree on the Febreeze being an odor cover. I bought my current SUV at auction. I only had an hour to look at all the vehicles and decide on the one I wanted to bid on. I was excited when I saw this one. It looked great but then I opened the door and immediatelly saw cigarette butts literally overflowing from not only the front ash tray but also the back one onto the floor. There were cigarette butts everyone and it reeked of a year or two of die-hard smoking possibly used as a demo car for the Phillip Morris corporation. I bid on it anyway and won but I was very worried that it was tainted forever. I bout two bottles of Febreeze and sprayed an entire one over every interior surface and then waited a day and did it again. The smell went away almost completely right away and now you can’t ever tell that anyone ever smoked in it.

jcheckwood Sorry to have been so abrupt. It hit hit me as a smart ass remark when you said it. Apparently it wasn’t meant as one.

I would at least clean the outside of it as best as you can, set it in the sun for a few days if possible, then get a zippered vinyl mattress cover (I got one at K-mart for something like $15. I’m betting that the cover would keep any remaining smell from bugging you.

Regarding used mattresses and the selling of same…

Some states have laws that forbid mattress manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers from selling used mattresses. There’s generally no provision barring non-profit groups (eg: thrift stores) and individuals from selling used mattresses.

Febreeze will work, it isn’t only a odor cover up. (But I hate the smell of Febreeze myself, it makes me sneeze!).

How is the weather there? If it is warm with a breeze, then Febreze combined with fresh air and sunlight will get most of it out. Spray liberally outside, with the heavy duty stuff, then let sit in the sun all day. Repeat with other side. Don’t forget the sides. Finish by powdering heavily with baking soda, then beating the tar out of it.

Still, this may not get it all. That cig smoke has sooked deep down inside, and any surface treatment, no matter how good will be for nothing after the smoke smell starts oozing out from way inside… Can you get your money back if you return it?

Sadly, no refund is possible. I bought it from an individual who then moved out of state.

I’ll try the Febreeze and baking soda. Thanks all.