Maurice Eats It - Film at 11:00!

This really isn’t a rant, it is more of a celebration with dirty words!

Maurice Clarett Ineligibile for NFL Draft

Pull yourself on up to the table Maurice. Here is a napkin for you. NOW EAT IT BIII-TCH! Eat it, eat it, EAT IT! You lazy ass embarrassement to OSU football, EAT IT!!!

Your arrogance and self-centered attitude ensured your place in NFL history, as a has-been before you ever got a chance. You blew the opportunity to be a first round pick next year by trying to force the NFL to meet your childish sense of self-entitlement. You failed to stay in shape, you failed to show up for combines and tried to force your ‘value’ on everyone else. As a result you fell to a second or third round pick if you became eligible for the draft this year. Now, you are f-u-c-k-e-d buddy boy!

Perhaps I’ll see you around Columbus. Of course, it won’t be in the fancy new cars you’ve been buying based upon your projected entry into the NFL. No, no Maurice… I’m sure I’ll be seeing you at the Wendy’s drive-thru as you attempt to make change for my order.

Ya’ punk ass!


Boy, that was fun!

Yeah, he’ll be at Wendy’s. Are you kidding? You honestly think that somehow, based on his attitude and his challenge of the rules, Clarett isn’t going to be a very, very rich man in the immediate future? That NFL teams are going to pass up on a back who they’ve judged worthy of a second round pick simply because he’s a dickhead? Please. He’ll have more money by 2005 than you or I will ever see. A bad attitude costs you maybe one round at the top, maximum. Look at Randy Moss- everyone talked up his legal issues and all that, but when it was all said and done, people were shocked that he lasted until #21. If they think Clarett can play- and they do- they’ll throw money at him at the drop of a hat.

Not only that, but it’s far from a done deal anyway. There’s still a pretty good chance Clarett and Mike Williams end up in the NFL next year.

By the way, was he an embarrassment to you when he single-handedly carried a crap offense to a national title, or was he OK then?

I don’t give two shits (or one, even) about college football. But you do realize, MeanJoe, that this ruling is bad for our beloved Steelers, don’t you?

Yes, he was an embarrassment then too.


Actually, I am a little confused as to what you are referring too specifically - Pitt’s Fitzgerald was the first thing to pop into my mind but no way he’ll be available by the Steeler’s 11th pick and he is not impacted by this decision anyway. Mike William’s (WR) is the other player impacted by the decision. I wasn’t aware of any potential first round picks of a WR that the Stillers are considering but I could have missed it.


I am talking about Mike Williams. By most predictions, he was going to go in the top ten. Since the Steelers are not targeting a WR in round one, Williams going in the top ten meant that the Steelers were one pick closer to getting one of the players they want.

Ah, good point. However, I still think Clarett is a prick and I’m glad he is getting exactly what he deserves in this decision. To further clarify Jimmy Chitwood’s question and my response - I believe in integrity in a program. Maurice was an embarrassment off the field with his behavior, his academic performance, etc., and I was disappointed in Coach Tressel’s handling (or failure to handle) the matter. That may impact the Mighty Pittsburgh Steelers in the draft but it’s a pill I can swallow.


I hope he has alarms on those cars, it’d be a pity for someone to steal $1000 worth of cds from them.

:rolleyes: what a douche! That lying, greedy whiner gets no sympathy from me.

I totally forgot that he won every single game by himself! He must really kick ass to win 3, almost 4, games from the fucking sidelines. The buckeyes were truly incompetent and innefectual without Clarett, they only won 3 of the 3 games that he sat out, and then the one where he was still gimpy. What a bunch of bitches.

Number one, what a stupid response. Yes, I called the rest of the football team a bunch of bitches by saying he won the championship singlehandedly. That’s the only reasonable interpretation. How old are you, fifteen?

Number two, do you dispute the fact that Maurice Clarett was the reason OSU beat Miami? Are you under the impression that without Clarett’s two touchdowns, including one in overtime, and without Clarett tearing the fucking ball out of Sean Taylor’s hands after an interception, Ohio State still would have won that game?

Number three, what games did Clarett miss? As I recall (and I’m no Ohio State fan so you’d know better than I would) it was something like Cincinnati, Penn State, and Minnesota. A murderer’s fucking row if I ever saw one. I can clearly see from the fact that they took care of the Bearcats without Clarett that they would’ve breezed through that national championship game without him.

Why am I even having this argument? I asked a stupid, flippant question of MeanJoe, and to his credit he promptly answered and didn’t take (evident) offense (which you should have, MeanJoe- it was an unwarranted shot that I took, and I apologize). I was talking about his “embarrassment” comment more than I was talking about the championship, but whatever.

Now, dnooman: if you want to continue this discussion, if you want to argue with me that Clarett didn’t singlehandedly win that game, you are more than welcome. That’s if you really believe it, which I don’t think anyone could. Take your best shot- convince me that Stumblin’ Craig Krenzel and Lydell Ross would have taken the title by themselves. Otherwise I really have no fucking clue why you even bothered posting.

Feh, no offense taken and no apology needed - it is The Pit and the only thing you lacked was a few good “Fuck off you fucking fuck” type comments. :slight_smile:

Now, in Dnooman’s defense - I read your original comment to also imply that Clarett single-handedly was responsible for OSU winning and not just the National Championship Game. In that regard, the regular season, I’d have to disagree with you. In terms of the National Championship, yes he was the single biggest play-maker for OSU in that game. I’d not say he was the single reason they won that game (afterall the defense came up big too) but he clearly was a major reason OSU won. Doesn’t change the fact that:

a.) We won the National Championship

b.) He is still an ass


c.) I’m doing a little happy dance that things are not going his way now.

Now, I think that you, Jimmy, must be either a Michigan fan, or a Miami fan. C’mon, we can do wonders these days with medication and therapy… you can lead a normal life but it all begins by admitting you have a problem. :wink:


Ok MeanJoe, would you still have the same attitude about Clarett if he was going to Penn State or Iowa, or some other school?

I hope the answer is yes, otherwise you will look very childish. Luckily, in the world of sports fandom you can sometimes get away with that.

Chitwood. I’d be willing to wager that Maurice Clarett never puts together more than 2 back to back 1,200 yard seasons in the NFL. He’s played one year, behind a nice offensive line, and, in my opinion, does not have the mindset, nor the skills to succeed in the NFL. Name your stakes, and perhaps we can work something out.

Well damn, what else can I say but “yes” when you framed it like that. Afterall, I’d not want to be considered childish, else I’d have to tell mom and stick my fingers in my ears while yelling “neener-neener”. :wink:

Seriously, I think I can answer yes in all honesty and I’ll harken back to being a Steeler’s fan as mouthbreather pointed out. One of the greatest attributes of the family who owns the Steelers (the Rooneys) is that they broker no bullshit off the field. If you are a scum bag drug addict/dealer, they’ll pay for rehab but you can’t play for the Steeler’s anymore (coughBam Morriscough). I like that in a sports team but I also know it is a bit naive in 2004 and the exception rather than the rule.

Coach Tressel sure talked a lot about the off-field aspects he’d improve when he took over - about individual responsibility, about being role-models, about being men who have pride in themselves, their school, and their community. Maurice essentially did whatever the hell he wanted, regardless of how it reflected on himself, the school, and the community that embraced him. It irritated me when Maurice did it then, it irritates me now, and I also hold Coach Tressel responsible for not living up to his “character” promises.

I think those who say OSU fans loved him when he won the National Championship but hated him because he tried to leave early are misunderstanding OSU football fans. Sure, fans feel a bit of betrayal when a star leaves early - no doubt about that. I think what people misunderstand is how badly Maurice is now disliked in this town now - not for leaving early but for embarrassing the traditions of OSU. Like it or not, understand it or not, OSU is All Holy in this town and you don’t diss OSU. :eek:


Agreed. Obviously singlehanded is hyperbole, as he’d look pretty silly out there by himself.

Agreed and agreed.

So am I. I don’t like the guy, either.

I beg your pardon, now we’ve got a problem. Check my location above, and please reconsider the aspersions you’ve cast in my direction. Fuck you you fucking fuck, etc.

Oh hell no. I didn’t say that I thought he was going to be better than that. I just said he’s going to get paid, because there will always be some GM willing to take that risk. A 4.6 in today’s NFL? No thank you.

:eek: My humble apologies - Seminoles fans are okay in my book.

Good thing, too, because God knows if you’d wanted to attack me about FSU, you’d have plenty of ammunition.

Show me where I mentioned that game, go ahead do it.

Your “hyperbole” was all that I was attacking. You seem to have conceded the points that Mean Joe so kindly brought up. I happen to take issue with the fact that every fucking sports announcer feels that it’s their duty to say “yeah, I bet they miss Clarett right now” ad nauseum.

We won the championship, he was part of the team, he’s a dirt bag. Can we agree on that?

I just hate to see really good football players maligned by people that see Clarett as the only thing that ever happened in OSU football in the past 2 years (even though he only played 5/8 of one season.

Nobody’s saying that the kid couldn’t play, or that he wasn’t a tremendous help to our team. He fucked up, then he did it again, then he started to piss people off. Ohio State football is like a religion here, he basically stole from the collection plate and turned his back on the church.

I “bothered posting” because I was talking about the exceptions!! that you seemed to dismiss. The bowl game was entirely your creation, as I’m sure you will see upon re-reading the posts.

That’s gonna sting! I forgot I mentioned “the game”. Hoisted by my own petard.

That sure takes the credibility out of my first and last statements. I guess that’s why I seldom talk sports, since I know very little about them.

You are certainly entitled to flame me, as I’m sure you will. I confused one game with another.

The statements I made in between my erroneous statements still stand.

Now nobody will ever trust my opinions on sports again…meh.

Clarett is still a dickwad, and OSU still has a strong football program. That is all. I suppose I deserve a good roasting.

And this posting style is quite annoying.

I’m sure that there are many fine teams in Canada or the Arena Football League that would be happy to have the likes of Clarett…

…or, maybe not.