Maverick-Gun Shy

I I just watched this episode of Maverick on ME TV.
A satire on Gun Smoke. Marshall Dooley. “Doc” who is the town undertaker. I didn’t catch the name of the Miss Kitty character, but she keeps telling Marshall Dooley to “Be careful!”
Bret Maverick and various con men are trying to recover half a million dollars of Confederate gold buried in Kansas.

Don’t forget the limping deputy, Clyde.

“Darn fool horse stepped on my foot.”

I’ve been watching Maverick lately. Mrs R got a kick out of this episode after I explained that it might be a parody of a show she might recognize. :smiley:


Doc: “Marshall, how many men have you killed this week because you didn’t like the way they looked?”
Dilley: (counts on fingers) “Eleven.”

I loved Maverick. After James Garner left, Roger Moore played a Maverick cousin, Beau. His English accent was explained away as his having been sent to Oxford for an education and picking up his accent from living in London for five years. Robert Colbert, who later starred in The Time Tunnel, played Bret and Bart’s previously unseen brother, Brent, in a couple of episodes.

The guy who hired a gunfighter dressed in black asks him, “Don’t you have a card?”

And a very bad gun fighter does the Paladin twitchy fingers thing.